Tax Accounts

Tally Prime- Basic Tax Accounting

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

GST Set up for Composition Dealer  explains GST activation and GST details set up for Composition Dealers

GST Set up for Regular Dealer explains GST activation and GST details set up for Regular Dealers, GST Classification & GSTIN.

Masters Entry & Set Up covers creation of GST masters and GST related info set up in various Accounts & Inventory Masters

GST Masters

GST Activation for Company, UQC set up in UoM master. Stock Item GST set up. GST Ledger Accounts creation. Party Ledger Accounts GST set up. GST Masters – Key Points.

GST Invoicing

GST Sales Invoice Entry, GST Invoice Printing, GST Invoicing – Key Points.

Sales Invoicing for Composition Dealer explains related Ledger set up for GST, GST Invoice entry and Printing for Composition Dealer.

Purchase Entry for Composition Dealer explains related Ledger set up for GST, Purchase Invoice entry & Cost Allocation, & Tax Ledger Set Up, Reverse Charge Tax Liability for Composition Dealer.

Sales Invoicing for Regular Dealer explains in details various aspects of Sales Invoicing for Goods & Services and Invoice Printing by Regular Dealer

Purchase from Registered Dealer explains aspects of Purchase related Ledgers Set Up, Purchase Invoice entry and related adjustments, by Registered Dealer

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer explains various Reverse Charge implications and GST related set up for Purchase by Registered dealer from Unregistered Dealers.

Purchase from Composition Dealer  explains GST set up and implications of Purchase by Registered dealer from Composition Dealers.

Invoice Reconciliation explains reconciliation between figures of various GSTR Reports and Accounting records and Resolving Mismatches.

Advance Receipt & Adjustment explains GST on receipt, adjustment and Refund of Advance received from Customers.

Reverse Charge Mechanism  explains the tricky points of Reverse charge Mechanism (RCM), adjustment and Liability of RCM.

Ineligible Input Tax Credit  explains ITC disallowed under various rules, accounting entry for such transactions, adjustment for ITC reversals, etc.

Delivery Challan  explains issue of Delivery Notes for Delivery and Receipt of Goods, before issue of Invoice, Goods return notes and creation of Invoice against such Delivery Notes.

e-way Bill  explains set up for e-way Bill, related Ledger Accounts and Transporters details set up, e-way Bill Generation and Printing.

GST Reports

GST Reports Menu. GSTR-1. GSTR-2. GSTR-3B. GST Annual Computation. GST Reports – Key Points

GSTR-1 Filing   explains Data Validation of GSTR-1 in Tally, exporting data into JSON format and GSTR-1 Return filing on the GST portal.

GSTR-2 Filing   explains Data Validation of GSTR-2 in Tally, Resolving Invoices Mismatches, exporting data into JSON format and GSTR-2 Return filing on the GST portal.

GSTR-3B Filing explains display of GSTR-3B in Tally, Exporting report into JSON format and GSTR-3B Return filing on GST portal.

GSTR-4 Filing    explains GSTR-4 Returns display, export to JSON Format, GSTR-4 Return filing on Portal by Composition Dealer

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

TDS Set Up describes activation of TDS features for the Company and set up of various Ledger accounts related to TDS .

TDS Voucher Entry  describes the Voucher Entry for Deduction of TDS & net Payment to Deductee, after deduction of TDS.

TDS Deposit  describes Voucher entry for Deposit of TDS to Government and printing of TDS Challan

TDS Reports  explains various Reports related to TDS as well as Statutory Reports to be filed with the Income Tax Department

TDS Special Features  explains some special cases of lower deduction / exemption of TDS

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Tax Deducted at Source. TDS Activation for the Company. TDS Ledger Account creation. TDS Nature of Payment.  TDS Deductible Expense Ledger Account set up. TDS Adjustment Journal Voucher. TDS Deposit to Government. TDS Deposit Challan Printing. TDS Reports. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) – Key Points.

Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

TCS Set Up

Tax Collected at Source (TCS), TCS Activation, TCS Statutory Lists, Collectee Ledger creation, TCS Ledger, TCS Applicable Stock Item

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice Entry with TCS details, Invoicing with Lower / Zero TCS Rate, Sales Invoice Entry,  TCS Sales Invoice Printing, TCS on License to Use

TCS Deposit

Deposit of TCS with Government, TCS Payment Voucher Entry (Manual Method), TCS Payment Voucher Entry (Auto Fill), TCS Challan Printing

TCS Reports 

TCS Payables, TCS Ledger Outstanding, Challan Reconciliation, Form 27D Reconciliation, TCS Form 27B Printing, TCS Form 27D Printing, Multi Account TCS Form 27D Printing