Negotiable Instruments Act – CS Foundation

CS Foundation Syllabus 2020

Negotiable Instruments Act

Negotiable Instrument 

Negotiable Instrument, Characteristics of Negotiable instrument, Presumptions applicable in Negotiable Instruments, Types of Negotiable Instruments, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange, Cheque, Classification of Negotiable Instruments, Maturity and days of grace, Payment, Rights of Person liable to Pay, Payment in due course, Interest on Bills and Notes

Parties to Negotiable Instrument

Capacity of Parties, Parties to Negotiable instrument, Holder, Holder in Due Course, Liability of Parties to Negotiable Instrument


Transfer by Negotiation, Assignment, Indorsement, Instruments obtained by unlawful means

Presentment of Negotiable Instrument

Kinds of Presentment, Presentment for Acceptance, Presentment for sight, Presentment for Payment

Dishonour of Negotiable Instrument

Dishonour of an Instrument, Notice of Dishonour, Duties of the Holder upon dishonor, Noting, Protest, Compensation, Dishounour of Cheques 

Discharge of Negotiable Instrument

Modes of Discharge of an Instrument, Discharge of liabilities Parties, Material Alteration, Rules of Evidence, Estoppel and International Law

Banker and Customer

Banker, Customer, Rights and Obligations of Banker, Dishonour of cheque, Protection of paying Banker, Protection of Collecting Banker, Duties of Collecting Banker