Contract Act

Indian Contract Act 1872

Indian Contract Act 1872 for CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, Class 11-12 (Commerce) courses and Competitive Exams.


Definition and concept of Mercantile Contracts. Proposal, Agreement,  Contract, Essentials of valid Contract. Classification of Contract, Express Contract, Implied Contract, Quasi Contract, Executed Contract, Executory Contract,  Unilateral Contract, Bilateral Contract, Valid Contract, Void Contract, Voidable Contract, Illegal Contract, Contingent Contract,

Offer and Acceptance

Definition and concept of Proposal, Acceptance & Agreement under Indian Contract Act 1872. Offeror, Offeree, Promise, Agreement, Express Offer, Implied Offer, Specific  Offer, General Offer,  Open Offer,  Cross Offer, Counter Offer, Invitation to Offer, Tender, Communication, Revocation of Offer, Communication of Revocation of Offer, Communication of Revocation, Communication of Revocation of Acceptance


Definition and concept of Consideration under Indian Contract Act 1872. Classification of Consideration, Characteristics of Consideration, Contract without Consideration Stranger acting in Contract, Quasi Contract, Quantum Meruit, Uberimmae Fidei

Capacity to Contract

Special provisions of Contract with Minor & Person of unsound mind under Indian Contract Act 1872. Disqualified Persons, Agreement with Minor, Necessaries of Minor, Rule of Estoppel, Lunatics, Idiots, Agreement with Person of Unsound Mind.

Free Consent

Provisions of Indian Contract Act 1872, for contracts entered through Mistake, Coercion, Undue Influence, Dominating Position, Misrepresentation and Fraud.

Void Agreement

Void Agreements & Void Contracts under Indian Contract Act 1872. Restitution, Voidable Contract, Unlawful Object & Consideration, Agreements opposed to Public Policy, Agreements in restraint of trade,  Agreements in restraint of Legal Proceedings, Agreements dependent on Uncertain events, Wagering Agreements, Contingent Contracts, Unlawful & Illegal Agreements, Partially Unlawful Contract, Quasi Contract,Quantum Meruit, Uberimmae Fidei,

Performance of Contract

Meaning and concept of Performance of Contract under Indian Contract Act 1872. Actual Performance, Offer to Perform, Non Performance, Joint Promise, Reciprocal Promises, Appropriation of Payments, Assignment of Contracts, Assignment by Operation of law,

Discharge of Contact

Meaning and concept of Discharge of Contract under Indian Contract Act 1872. Novation, Rescission, Alteration, Remission, Waiver, Merger, Supervening Impossibility, Discharge by Lapse of Time, Discharge by Operation of Law.

Breach of Contract

Meaning, consequences and remedies for Breach of Contract under Indian Contract Act 1872. Actual Breach of Contract, Anticipatory Breach of Contract, Rescission of Contract, Damages, Specific Performance, Injunction.

Contract of Agency

Provisions relating to Contracts of Agency under Indian Contract Act 1872. Principal, Agent, Agency, Express Agreement, Implied Agreement, Agency of Estoppel, Agency by Ratification, Agency coupled with Interest, Irrevocable Agency, Termination of Agency, Special Agent, General Agent, Universal Agent, Duties & Rights of Agent, Agent exceeding Authority, Unnamed Principal, Undisclosed Principal,
Mercantile  Agent, Commercial Agent, Factor, Auctioneer, Broker, Commission Agent, Del credere Agent, Pretended Agent, Sub Agent, Substituted Agent.

Bailment and Pledge

Provisions relating to Contracts of Bailment & Pledge under Indian Contract Act 1872. Bailment, Essentials of Bailment, Classification of Bailment, Termination of Bailment, Duties & Rights of Bailor & Bailee. Lien, General Lien, particular Lien, Finder of Goods, Pledge, Pawnor, Pawnee, Rights & Duties of Pawnor & Pawnee.

Indemnity and Guarantee

Provisions relating to Contracts of Indemnity & Guarantee under Indian Contract Act 1872. Contract of Indemnity, Contract of Guarantee, Continuing Guarantee, Surety. Rights & Liability of Surety, Discharge of Surety.

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