Business Studies – ISCE 11

ISCE 11 Syllabus 2020

Business Studies

Business Environment

Business Environment, Importance of Business Environment, Dimensions of Business Environment, Economic environment, Government policy on Business & industry


Entrepreneur, Elements of Entrepreneurship, Characteristics of an Entrepreneur, Types of Entrepreneur, Intrapreneurship, Features of Intrapreneurship, Characteristics of Intrapreneurship, Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Creativity & Innovation

Creativity, Innovation, Organisational Environment scanning, Environmental Scanning Process, Types of Environmental Scanning, Market assessment, Business opportunities assessment, Effective Business Plans, Resources Requirements, Identification & Evaluation of Business Opportunities, Entrepreneurial Motivation

Entrepreneurial Venture

Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Entrepreneurial opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Types of Entrepreneurship, Indian Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Challenges, Financing of Entrepreneurial Venture, Change & Modernisation, Expansion, Diversification, 

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship Concept, Entrepreneurship Characteristics, Entrepreneurs In Economic Development, Entrepreneurs in Development of their Enterprises, Entrepreneurship Development Process, Entrepreneurial Competencies, Entrepreneurial Motivation, Entrepreneurial Values & Attitudes, 

Automation at Workplaces : Mechanisation and Automation. ii) Productivity enhancement in various Workplaces – Banks, Retail Points, Corporate Office, Airports etc.