Entrepreneurship – CBSE 12

CBSE Syllabus 2020


Entrepreneurial Opportunity : Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities. Right Opportunities selection. Environment Scanning. Problem Identification. Idea fields. Trends Spotting. Creativity and Innovation

Entrepreneurial Planning : Forms of business organization. Organisational plan. Operational plan. Production plan. Financial plan. Marketing plan. Human Resource planning.

Enterprise Marketing : Marketing and Sales Strategy. Branding. Promotion Strategy. Business Negotiations. Customer Relationship Management. Vendor Management

Enterprise Growth Strategies : Franchising. Mergers and Acquisition.

Market : Market Types. Micro and Macro Market Environment. Market Research. Marketing Mix

Business Finance and Arithmetic : Product & Service Cost &  Price. Types of Costs. Income Statement. Cash flow projections. Break Even Analysis. Computation of Working Capital. Inventory Control and EOQ. Return on Investment (ROI). Return on Equity (ROE)

Resource Mobilization : Types of Resources. Selection and utilization of human resources. Estimating and meeting Financial Resources requirement. Classification of business enterprises.