Financial Management

Financial Management

Objective of Financial Management

Financial Management Concept, Scope of Financial Management, Objectives of Financial Management, Financial Planning, Function of Finance Manager, Financial Management Tools & Methods, Organisation Structure of Finance Function

Working Capital Management

Working Capital, Types of Working Capital , Working Capital Management, Working Capital Requirement, Working Capital Forecasts , Working Capital Forecasting Methods, Working Capital Financing

Treasury and Cash Management

Treasury Management, Function of Treasury Department , Cash Planning, Cash Budget, Cash Budget Methods, Short Term Cash Budget, Long Term Cash Budget, Cash Management, Cash Management Methods, Cash Management Objectives, Cash Management Models, William J. Baumol’s EOQ model (Inventory Model), Orgler’s Model (Linear Programming Model), Miller-Orr Cash Management Model (Stochastic Model), Modern Developments in Cash Management, Cash Management Control, Management of Marketable Securities

Inventory  Management

Purpose of Maintaining Inventory, Types of Inventory, Inventory Management, Inventory Management Process, Costs Associated with Inventories, ABC Analysis, Inventory Management Tools & Techniques, Economic Ordering Quantity, Optimum Production Quantity, Bulk Purchase Discount, Re-order Point

Receivables Management

Receivables, Receivables Management, Credit Policy, Cash Discount, Receivable Management Tools & Technique, Monitoring of Receivables, Cost of Maintaining Receivables, Financing Receivables

Financial Analysis and Planning

Financial Statement Analysis, Types of Financial Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statements, Fund Flow Statement

Cost of Capital & Capital Structure

Cost of Capital, Components of Cost of Capital, Cost of Bonds, Cost of Preference Shares, Cost of Equity Capital, Marginal Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, Capital Structure Planning, Capital Structure Design, Net Income Approach (NI-approach), Net operating Income (NOI) Approach, Modigliani & Miller Approach (MM), Capital Structure Pecking order Theory, Tax Planning

Business Risk, Financial Risk & Leverage

Business Risk, Financial Risk, Leverage, Operating Leverage (OL), Financial Leverage (FL), Combined Leverage, Indifference Point of EBIT, Indifference point analysis, 

Business Finance 

Business Financing, Long Term Sources of Finance, Equity Share Capital, Preference Share Capital, Retained Earnings, Debentures & Bonds, Loans from Commercial Banks, Venture Capital, Debt Securitisation, Lease Financing, Short Term Sources of Finance, Trade Credit, Accrued Expenses, Advances from Customers, Bank Advances, Commercial Paper, Deposits, Financing of Export, Pre Shipment Export finance, Post Shipment Export Finance, Other Sources of Financing, Special Financing Instruments, Factoring, External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), 

International Financing

External sources of International Finance, International Financial Instruments, Euro Issue, American Depository Receipts (ADR), Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs)   

Capital Budgeting

Characteristics of Capital Budgeting, Capital Budgeting Process, Capital Budgeting Techniques, Pay Back Period, Average Rate of Return (ARR). Discounted Cash Flows, Capital Rationing, Risk & Return Relationship, Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA)

Time Value of Money

Time Value of money in financial decisions, Compounding, Future Value, Discounting, Annuity, Perpetuity, Sinking Fund, Capital Recovery Factor,