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dVidya offers various online academic courses of Commerce, Business Management, Mathematics, Statistics, and courses for career development, employment opportunities, entrance examination to completive exams , freely accessible to all.

Students Assignments, Projects and Work Review

dVidya leads students through Work Assignments and regular tracking of their assigned work, review of work assignments and guidance, hand holding supportive assistance by expert teachers to weaker students for doubts clearing and assisting in problem solving.

Student Learn and Earn Opportunity

Students may also submit answers to specified projects. Their work are reviewed by experts, and commented upon. Good submissions are published and promoted through dVidya site. Exemplary works are rewarded in cash. Students get wide publicity, build self confidence and get encouragement to creative work.

Academic, Competitive and Skill Development Courses Covered by dVidya

dVidya Offers School (K11-12), like CBSE, ICSE, State Secondary Boards for Commerce streams,  Business Management Courses like BBA , College Graduate Courses like B.Com , Accounting & Corporate Management Foundation Courses of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Management Accountants of India, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Competitive and Entrance Exams by various Banks, Government authorities, and skill development courses in modern digital communication & social media.

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Accounting Concepts, Accounting Principles, Capital & Revenue, Accounting Policies,

Journal, Cash Bank Book, Subsidiary Accounts Books, Accounts Ledger Book, Accounts Trial Balance, Inventory Accounts, Rectification of Error, Bank Account Reconciliation,  Average Due Date, Account Current, Self-Balancing Ledger,

Depreciation Accounting, Accounts Book Closing, Financial  Accounts Statement,  Final Accounts Compilation, Contingent Liabilities and Assets, Proprietorship Firm Accounts,

Partnership Firm Accounts,  Partner Admission Accounts,  Partner Retirement Accounts,  Partner’s Death Accounts,  Partnership Firms Amalgamation Accounts,

Joint Venture Accounts, Bill of Exchange Accounts, Sale on Approval Accounts, Consignment Accounts, Investment Accounts, Hire Purchase Accounts, Installment  Payment Accounts,  Lease Accounting, Insurance Claims Accounts, Accounts from Incomplete Records, Accounts of Not for Profit Organisation,

Departmental Accounts, Dependent Branch Accounts, Independent Branch Accounts, Foreign Branch Accounts,

Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting Ratio, Cash Flow Statement,

Company Account Books, Company Share Capital Accounts, Company Preference Shares Accounts, Company Debentures Accounts, Profit / Loss Prior to Incorporation Accounts, Underwriting of Shares & Debentures Accounts, Employee Stock Option Accounting , Redemption of Debenture Accounts, Alteration of Share Capital Accounts, Company Bonus Shares  Issue Accounts, Buy Back of Shares Accounts, Company Amalgamation  Accounts, Company Reconstruction Accounts, Company Liquidation Accounts,

Mercantile Laws

Contract Act 1872,  Contract Offer and Acceptance, Consideration in Contract, Capacity to Contract, Free Consent in Contract, Void Agreement, Performance of Contract, Discharge of Contact, Breach of Contract, Contract of Agency, Bailment and Pledge Contracts, Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee,

Contact of Sale, Condition and Warranties in Contracts, Contracts of Transfer of Property, Performance of Sales Contract, Unpaid Seller,

Partnership Business, Partnership Firm, Business Partners, Dissolution of Partnership,

Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, Parties to Negotiable Instrument, Instruments Negotiation,   Negotiable Instrument Presentment,  Negotiable Instrument Dishonour,   Negotiable Instrument Discharge, Hundis,

Micro Economics

Micro Economics, Demand , Consumer Behaviour, Supply Analysis, Production Function, Cost Analysis Function, Market Economics, Money


Ratio and Proportion, Interest & Annuity, Bills Discounting, Average Due Date

Mathematical Variations, Indices and Surds, Logarithm, Permutation & Combination, Sequence & Series, Equation, Inequalities, Binomial Theorem, Matrices, Determinants, Complex Numbers, Linear Programming,

Limits & Continuity, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations,

Straight Lines, Conic Sections, Vector Algebra, 3D Geometry, Trigonometric Functions,

Sets, Relations & Functions, Mathematical Induction, Mathematical Reasoning

Numerical Applications, Mathematical and Logical Reasoning, Applied Calculus, Linear Equations, Financial Mathematics, Determinants & Matrices Applications, Inferential Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Linear Programming Applications


Statistical Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation and Regression, Probability, Theoretical Distribution, Sampling, Index Number, Time Series,

Business Management

Foundation of Business, Forms of Organisation, Types of Organisations, Business Services, Emerging Businesses, Social Responsibility of Business, Business Ethics, Corporate Organisation, Business Finance, Small Business, Internal Trade, International Business, Import Export

Business Management, Management Principles, Business Environment, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing. Controlling

Financial Management, Financial Markets, Market, Consumer Protection,

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Creativity & Innovation, Entrepreneurial Journey, Entrepreneurial Venture, Entrepreneurial Opportunity, Entrepreneurial Planning, Enterprise Marketing, Enterprise Growth Strategies, Market, Business Finance and Arithmetic, Resource Mobilization

Business Environment, Business Policy and Strategic Management, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Planning, Functional Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation and Control, Reaching Strategic Edge

Business Communication, English in Business Communication, Business Correspondence, Correspondence regarding Purchase, Correspondence regarding Sales, Correspondence regarding Accounts, Secretarial Correspondence, Administrative Communications, Inter-departmental Communication, Press Releases, E-Correspondence

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