Tally prime – Basic Inventory

Inventory System

Inventory System, Activation of Inventory System, Trading Transactions, Sales & Purchase, Stock Journal, Integration of Inventory & Accounts, Inventory Masters, Unit of Measure, Stock Group, Stock Items 

Inventory Masters

Basic Inventory Masters, Inventory Masters Creation, Simple Unit of Measure, Stock Group, Stock Items,   Display of  Inventory Masters, Alteration / Deletion of Inventory Masters

Inventory Vouchers 

Accounts Voucher with Inventory Transactions, Invoice & Voucher Entry Mode, Inventory Linked Accounts Ledger, Inventory Voucher Entry, Stock Journal Voucher Entry.

Invoice Entry in Tally

Invoice, Company Features set up for Invoicing, Discount Entry in Invoice, Invoice Entry  

Invoice Printing

Invoice Printing, Invoice Formats, Invoice Printing Configuration, Invoice Printing Methods  

Basic Inventory Reports in Tally

Inventory Reports, Inventory Masters Lists, Inventory Voucher Registers, Day Book, Stock Voucher Lists, Account Voucher Registers with Inventory details, Stock Journal Voucher Register, Closing Stock value in Final Accounts

Multi Account Inventory Reports

Multi Accounts Inventory Reports Printing, Multi Account Inventory Reports Printing Menu, Multi Account Stock Item Ledger Printing, Multi Account Stock Journal Register, Multi-Account Day Book with Inventory Details, Multi-Account Account Books with Inventory Details  

Point of Sales In Tally Prime

Point of Sales, PoS Voucher Type creation, PoS Voucher Class creation, PoS Invoice entry, PoS Invoice Printing, PoS Register

Advanced Inventory






Job Cost

Job Work