Entrepreneurship for CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, Class 11-12 (Commerce) courses, BBA, MBA Courses

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship – Concept, Functions and Need. Myths about
Entrepreneurship. Advantage and Limitations of Entrepreneurship. Process of Entrepreneurship.
Indian Scenario of Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneur, Elements of Entrepreneurship, Characteristics of an Entrepreneur, Types of Entrepreneur, Intrapreneurship, Features of Intrapreneurship, Characteristics of Intrapreneurship, Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Creativity & Innovation

Creativity, Innovation, Organisational Environment scanning, Environmental Scanning Process, Types of Environmental Scanning, Market assessment, Business opportunities assessment, Effective Business Plans, Resources Requirements, Identification & Evaluation of Business Opportunities, Entrepreneurial Motivation

Entrepreneurial Journey : Self-Assessment of Qualities, Skills, Resources and Dreams. Idea generation. Feasibility Study and opportunity assessment. Business Plan. Execution of Business Plan

Entrepreneurial Venture

Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Entrepreneurial opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Types of Entrepreneurship, Indian Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Challenges, Financing of Entrepreneurial Venture, Change & Modernisation, Expansion, Diversification.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity : Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities. Right Opportunities selection. Environment Scanning. Problem Identification. Idea fields. Trends Spotting. Creativity and Innovation

Entrepreneurial Planning : Forms of business organization. Organisational plan. Operational plan. Production plan. Financial plan. Marketing plan. Human Resource planning.

Enterprise Marketing : Marketing and Sales Strategy. Branding. Promotion Strategy. Business Negotiations. Customer Relationship Management. Vendor Management

Enterprise Growth Strategies : Franchising. Mergers and Acquisition.

Market : Market Types. Micro and Macro Market Environment. Market Research. Marketing Mix

Business Finance and Arithmetic : Product & Service Cost &  Price. Types of Costs. Income Statement. Cash flow projections. Break Even Analysis. Computation of Working Capital. Inventory Control and EOQ. Return on Investment (ROI). Return on Equity (ROE)

Resource Mobilization : Types of Resources. Selection and utilization of human resources. Estimating and meeting Financial Resources requirement. Classification of business enterprises.