About dVidya

dVidya- Platform for Authors, Teachers and Students

The letter d of dVidya stands for Distance or Digital and Vidya means Knowledge. dVidya is all about Distant Learning and exchange of knowledge, between Student and Teacher from different locations. It is a constellation of Author, Teacher and Student to come together and communicate and interact with each other.

dVidya currently caters to K11-12 Commerce & Mathematics, CA/CS/CMA Foundation Courses and Implementation of Business Accounting software.

Simplified Process of Learning & Teaching

The systems in dVidya are amazingly simple. Authors and Teachers contribute contents. Students access all knowledge resources, communicate with Teachers, just using a smartphone. dVidya has kept all the technology and simple and easily accessible for all.

Free Resources for Learner

All learning resources, like PDF, e-Book, Video and Audio Tutorials, Question & Answer, MCQ, Projects, are FREE of Cost for all.

Learn and Earn – Explore hidden talent

Students explore acquired knowledge at every stage. dVidya provides constant guidance and assistance to students to write and contribute . dVidya assess their knowledge, and explore their hidden talent. In the learning process, Students are rewarded in Cash and other prizes, for good work, and also offered Work from Home  jobs by dVidya.

Author’s Creations – Extra Earning for Author of Curriculum Books and Study Materials

Authors may send manuscript of Books and handwritten Class Notes, video and audio clips. dVidya creates and publish digital contents in all forms, compiling from Authors’ scratch work. Authors get recognition and instant Royalty for their work.

Teacher’s Contribution – Extra Earning for Teachers working from Home

Teachers contribute materials for e-learning Resources. Teachers contribute handwritten class notes, video and audio clips. dVidya creates and publish digital contents in all forms, compiling from Teachers’ scratch work. Teachers connect to students all over the country, offering their services.

Asok K Nadhani

Asok K Nadhani, creator of dVidya.com website, is a Qualified Cost Accountant, Gold Medalist, with more than 15 years of experience in various in various industries like Textile, Jute, Mining etc, at key positions like Finance Manager, Cost Controller etc. He also runs a Business software consultancy firm since 30+ years. He has authored more than 30+ Text books on Mathematics, Accountancy, Law and Management for Graduate Level courses, and books on Business Accounting Software.

He may be contacted through aknadhani@gmail.com