Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Deposit in Tally

TDS Deposit to Government in Tally

After deducting TDS, you have to deposit the TDS to Bank / Treasury. You should make separate challan for each type of Deductee & Nature of Payment

So, you make separate payment voucher according to each Challan for deposit of TDS to Govt. Such payment voucher must also be made in single mode.

We have explained Payment Voucher entry in Single Mode. Here, we discuss about points exclusively related to TDS.

TDS Deposit Voucher Entry in Tally

You may automate the TDS Payment using S:Stat Payment (available in Single Mode payment voucher entry) button.

TDS deposit  Voucher entry in Tally

At Payment Voucher entry screen, Click F12:Configure and set Yes at Use Single Entry Mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra). Click S:Stat Payment button to get Statutory Payment Screen. Now enter as follows :

Duty / TaxType  : At Type of Duty/Tax, select TDS from the list of Duty / Tax Type

Mode of Entry : At Auto Fill Statutory Payment, select Yes to get the fields to fill up the Payment details as below:

  • Period End : At Deducted Till Date, enter he Date upto which the TDS deducted is being deposited through the current voucher. Accordingly the amount of TDS deducted would be carried in the voucher, for TDS Deposit.
  • I Tax Section : At Section, select the I Tax section under which the TDS is being deposited from the list (showing the sections under which TDS deducted is to be deposited)
  • Payment Nature : At Nature of Payment, select the Nature of Payment from the list, for which TDS is being deposited.
  • Company Type  : At Deductee Status, select the Status (Company / Non Company) from the list, as per constitution of the Company)
  • Cash / Bank Account : At Cash / Bank, select the Account from which the TDS is being paid, from the list of Cash / Bank Accounts

Consequently, the Ledger Account and corresponding Amount would be auto filled in the Main Voucher Entry screen.

TDS Deposit  statutory details entry in Voucher

At Main Voucher Entry screen, set Yes at Provide Details to get TDS payment Details screen

TDS Deposit  Particulars entry in Tally

At Payment Details screen , enter the details of TDS payment being made in the current Payment voucher :

  • Period : At From & To, enter the period for which the TDS is being deposited
  • Cheque Number : At Cheque / DD No, enter the number of the Cheque / DD, by which the payment is being deposited to the bank / treasury
  • Bank Name : At Name of the Bank, enter the Bank Name on which the Cheque / DD s drawn
  • Bank Account Number : At Bank Account Number, enter he  Account Number of the Bank from which the cheque is issued
  • Branch Name : At Branch Name, enter the Bank Branch name  on which the Cheque is drawn
  • Bank BSR Code : At BSR Code, enter the Bank BSR Code on which the Cheque is drawn
  • Bank Challan Number : At Challan Number, enter the Bank Challan Number as alloted by the Bank on the Challan after receipt of Cheque
  • Bank Challan Date : At Challan Date, enter the Bank Challan Date on which the challan was deposited to Bank.

TDS Challan Printing in Tally

On entry of TDS payment voucher , click P:Print button to get the Payment Voucher Printing screen, to print  TDS Challan / Payment Advice .

Challan / Payment Advice Printing

TDS Deposit Voucher Printing  in Tally

At Payment Voucher printing screen , to Print TDS Challan / Payment Advice , set  as follows :

Challan Printing : At Print as TDS Challan, Set Yes to print Challan, else set No(Challan would not be printed), and then further  set Yes at TDS / TCS Regular Assessment (raised y IT Deptt), to print challan for Regular Assessment as ordered by I Tax authority ( else set  No)

TDS Challan in Print in Tally

Payment Advice Printing :  At Print as TDS Challan, Set No and then further set Yes at  Print Payment Advice (F-2A), to Print Payment Advice,  else set No (Payment Advice is not printed).

Now further set / enter  as follows:

  • Payment Advice Date: At Payment Advice Date, you may enter the Date of Payment Advice (Voucher Date is carried, which you may change).
  • Due Date : At Print Due Date, set Yes to print Due Date in Advice, else set No to omit Due Date in Payment Advice
  • Company PAN : At Print Company PAN, set Yes to print Company PAN at Payment Advice ,else set  No to omit Company PAN in Payment Advice

TDS Payment Advice in Print

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