Auditing – CS Foundation

CS Foundation Syllabus 2020


Nature of Auditing

Objective of Audit, Financial Statements, Auditing and Assurance, Standards, Basic Principle of Audit, Scope & Coverage of Audit, Limitations of Audit , Errors and Frauds, Window-Dressing

Basic concepts of Auditing

Audit of Financial Statements, Audit Evidence, Materiality, True and Fair, Accounting Policies, Audit of Accounting Estimates,

Types of Audit

Statutory Audit, Voluntary Audit, Financial Audit, Cost Audit, Management Audit, Internal Audit, Interim Audit, Concurrent Audit, Operational Audit

Audit Process

Audit Programme, Audit Planning, Audit Process, Audit Techniques, Audit Procedure, Audit Phases, Audit working papers, Quality control of audit work, Test checking, Surprise checks, Statistical Sampling, Audit Risk, Certificate from Management

Audit Report

Statutory Report, Audit Report, Types of Audit Reports, Comparatives, Auditor’s Report under CARO, Specimen Audit Report, Specimen Qualified Audit Report, Signing of Audit Report