Fundamentals of Ethics – CMA Foundation

CMA Foundation Syllabus 2020

Fundamentals of Ethics

Section B (Fundamentals of Ethics)

Principles of Business Ethics

Business Ethics, Ethical Dilemmas, Moral

Corporate Governance & Social  Ethics

Corporate Governance, Factors of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR External Standards and Guidelines

Workplace Ethics

Ethical issue in Workplace, Managing Ethics in Workplace, Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, 

Environment & Ethics

Pollution and Resource Depletion, Factors of Pollution, Ecological Ethics, Eco friendly Business Practices

Marketing Ethics

Ethics in Marketing, Competition, Competition Act, 2002, Consumer Interest and Public Interest, Consumer Protection Councils in India

Ethics in Accounting & Finance

Principles of Ethical Behaviour, Ethical Accounting Environment, Unethical Behaviour, Threats to Ethical Behaviour, Ethical Dilemmas, Conflict of Interest, Conflict Resolution Process