Branch Accounts

Branch Accounts

Branch Accounts for CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, Class 11-12 (Commerce) courses.

Departmental Accounts

Methods of Accounting, Allocation of Common Expenses, Inter- Departmental Transfer, Memorandum Stock and Mark Up A/c,

Dependent Branch

Dependent Branches, Methods of Accounting, Goods invoiced to Branch at Cost, Goods invoiced to Branch at Selling Price, Goods invoiced at wholesale price to retail branches,

Independent Branch

Common Transactions with Branches, Adjustment and reconciliation of Branch and Head Office Accounts, Inter-Branch Transactions, Incorporation of Branch Balance in Head Office Books, Incomplete Information in Branch Books,

Foreign Branch

Foreign Currency Translation. Conversion of Foreign Branch Trial Balance into Local currency, Preparation of Final Accounts of Foreign Branches,