Study Materials of Accountancy for undergraduate and graduate curriculum

This post discusses the curriculum and subjects of Accountancy for undergraduate courses of various Indian Universities and Education Boards.

It provides links to Important info and resources related to Study and various Study resources like Blogs, e-Books, Video and Audio Tutorials, Multiple Choice Questions, Question and Answers, in respect of following subjects of Accountancy.

Accounting Principles, Concepts and Conventions : It covers Accounting Concepts, Accounting Principles, Accounting Policies,  Principle of Capital & Revenue Income & Expenses and Accounting Standards.

Book Keeping: Covering various Books of Accounts like Journal Book, Cash & Bank Books, Subsidiary Accounts Books, Accounts Ledger Books & Self Balancing Accounts ledgers Books,  Accounts Trial Balance & Inventory Accounts. It also covers Accounting Activities like  Rectification of Errors, Bank Accounts Reconciliation and  Accounting Computations like Avenge Due Date, Account Current, etc.

Final Accounts: It covers Depreciation Accounts, Financial Year Accounts Closing entries, Financial statements, Final Accounts Compilation, Accounting and reporting of Contingent Liabilities & Assets, etc,  

Partnership Accounts: It covers Partnership Firm Accounts, Accounts related to Admission of New Partner, Retirement of Partner, Death of Partner Accounts, Amalgamation of Partnership Firms, Dissolution of Partnership Firms, and Sale of Partnership Firm & Conversion into Company.

Special Accounts : It covers Accounts of specific transactions and Business like Joint Venture, Bill of Exchange,  Sale on Approval, Consignment Sales & Purchases, Investment transactions, Hire Purchase transactions, Instalment Payments, Lease Accounting, Insurance Claims, Accounts from Incomplete records and Accounts of Not for Profit Organisations.

Branch Accounts :  It covers Accounts of various types of Branches of Business Entities like, Departmental Accounts, Dependent and Independent Branches, Foreign Branches, etc.

Financial Analysis : It covers various management tools and statements for evaluation of performance & Financial control of entities, like Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting Ratio Analysis, Cash & Funds Flow Statement etc.

Company Accounts : It covers Accounts of various types of transactions in the Books of Limited Companies, like transactions related to Issue and Alteration of Equity Preference & Bonus Shares, Issue and Redemption of Debentures, Profit & Loss prior to Company incorporation, underwriting of Shares and Debentures,  Employee Stock Options, Buy Back of Shares, Amalgamation, Reconstruction and Liquidation of Companies.

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