Accountancy – CS Foundation

CS Foundation Syllabus 2020


Accounting Principles


Commercial Activities, Book Keeping, Accounting, Transactions & Events, System of Accounting, Cash System, Accrual System, Single Entry System, Objectives of Accounting, Users of Accounting Information, Necessity of Accounting,

Accounting Principles

Accounting Principles, Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Accounting Concept, Accounting Convention, Financial Statement, Limitations of Financial Statements

Capital & Revenue

Revenue Income & Expenditure, Capital Income & Expenditure, Deferred Revenue Expenditure, Revenue Expenditure treated as Capital Expenditure, Revenue Receipt, Capital Receipt, 

Accounting Policies

Accounting Standards, Accounting Policies, Accounting Estimates,  Valuation Principles, Book Keeping & Accounting Process, Classification of Accounts, Personal Accounts, Real Accounts, Nominal Accounts.

Accounting Standards

Accounting Standards, Objectives of Accounting Standards, Accounting Standard in India (AS)

Book Keeping


Types of Journal, Cash & Bank Book, Sales Book, Purchase Book, Journal Proper, Other Subsidiary Journal Books

Cash Book

Cash Book, Single Column Cash Book, Double Column Cash Book, Petty Cash Book,

Subsidiary Books

Subsidiary Journal Books , Subsidiary Ledger Books,  Purchase & Purchase Return Books, Sales & Sales Return Books, Other Subsidiary Books, Postings from Subsidiary Books

Ledger, Ledger Posting, Ledger Accounts Balancing, Modern Ledger Account Format

Trial Balance

Trial Balance, Objectives of Trial Balance, Methods of preparing Trial Balance, Forms of Trial Balance, Errors detected by Trial Balance, Errors not detected by Trial Balance, Suspense Account, Trial Balance Preparation

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Accounts, Bank Book and Pass Book, Matching of Bank Book & Pass Book, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Causes of Bank Book and Pass Book Difference, Bank Reconciliation Methods,  Bank Reconciliation Starting from Bank Book Balance, Bank Reconciliation Starting from Pass Book Balance, Adjustment Entries in Bank Book.

Final Accounts


Depletion, Amortization, Obsolescence, Accounting for Depreciation, Methods of Depreciation, Straight Line Method, Diminishing Balance Method, Sum of Digits Method, Sinking Fund Method, Annuity Method, Insurance Policy Method, Machine Hour Rate Method, Production Unit Method, Depletion Method, Changes in Method of Depreciation, Profit / Loss on Sale of Asset, 

Book Closing

Closing Entries, Provision for Bad Debts, Provision for Discount on Debtors, Dishonour of Cheques, Goods distributed as free sample, Loss of Goods, Goods sent on approval,  Proprietor’s Personal Transactions, Interest, Expenses, Income, Closing Stock

Financial Statement

Financial Statements, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, 

Compilation of Financial Statements – Practical Problems

Rectification Entries, Depreciation, Pre-paid expenses, Liabilities & Provisions, Advance payments made, Advance receipt of money 

Proprietorship Firm
The basic principle and methods of Accounting is same for Proprietorship Firm also. The major distinction is that the net Profit / Loss is transferred to Proprietor’s Capital Account (as Proprietor is the sole owner).

Accounts of Not for Profit Organisation

Partnership Accounts

Partnership Firm

Partner’s Accounts, Fixed capita, Fluctuating Capital. Partner’s Current Account, Partner’s Drawings Account, Partners’ Loan Account, Profit and Loss Appropriation Account, Interest on Drawing, Distribution of profit, Goodwill, Valuation of Goodwill, Hidden Goodwill

Admission of Partner

Introduction of New Partner, Revaluation on admission, Profit Sharing Ratio, Proportionate Capital,

Retirement of Partner

Retirement of Partner, Gaining Ratio, Revaluation on Retirement, Reserve Fund, Final Payment to Retiring Partner, Partner’s Loan Repayment,

Death of Partner

Consequences of Death of Partner, Joint Life Policy, Payment of Deceased Partner’s Share

Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Dissolution of Partnership Firm, Dissolution before expiry of a fixed term, Closing of Partnership Books on Dissolution, Realisation Account, Take Over of business by Partners, Insolvency of Partner, Piecemeal Payments,

Company Accounts

Share Capital

Shares of Company, Share Capital, Issue of Shares at Par, Shares Issue at Premium, Shares Issue at Discount, Calls on Share, Pro-rata Allotment, Forfeiture of Shares, Reissue of Forfeited Share, 

Preference Shares

Preference Shares, Redemption of Preference Share, Utilisation of Reserve for Redemption, 


Debenture, Types of Debenture, Debentures Issue against Cash, Issue of Debentures in instalments, Issue of Debentures at Discount, Debentures Issued for consideration other than cash, Debenture Issued as Collateral Security, Debenture Interest.