Economics – CBSE 12

CBSE Syllabus 2020



Money Classification, Functions of Money

Commercial Bank

Credit Creation by Commercial Bank, Nationalisation of Commercial Bank

Indian Economy

Underdeveloped Economy, Developing Economy, Mixed Economy, GINI Index

Economic Sector

Agriculture, Agricultural Productivity, Agricultural Marketing, Land Reforms, Industrialisation, Service Sector

National Income

Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product, Commodity-Service Method, Incomes Received Method, Consumption-Savings Method, National Income Analysis

Tax System

Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Canons of Tax


Population Growth, Population Metrics


Poverty Metrics, Poverty In India, Poverty Line


Unemployment problem in India, Reasons of Unemployment, Eradication of Unemployment


Energy Sector, Railways, Road Transport, Inland Water Transport, Shipping, Airways, Telecommunication, Postal Services, Education

Budget and Deficit

Budget Receipts, Budget Expenditures, Capital Expenditure, Revenue Expenditure, Budget Deficit, Deficit Financing, Government Borrowings.

Balance of Payment

The term Balance of payments refers to economic transactions (involving foreign currency payment) between one country and other countries.

Economic Reforms

Industrial Sector Reforms, External Sector Reforms, Fiscal Policy


Privatisation, Disinvestment, Globalisation, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation, World Bank