Fundamentals of Business Statistics – CMA Foundation

CMA Foundation Syllabus 2020

Fundamentals of Business Statistics

Section B (Fundamentals of Business Statistics)

Statistical data

Statistical Data Variables, Discreet Data Variable, Continuous Data Variable. Statistical Data,  Data Collection, Primary Data, Secondary Data, Sampling Error, Non Sampling Error, Data Presentation, Diagrammatic Data Presentation, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Frequency Distribution, Discreet Frequency Distribution, Frequency  Polygon, Ogive Frequency  Polygon, Cumulative Frequency  Polygon, Histogram, Frequency Curve

Measures of Central Tendency

Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Mode, Median, Deviation, Weighted Arithmetic Average, Weighted Geometric  Mean, Weighted Harmonic  Mean, Continuous Series, Grouped Frequency Distribution, Quartiles, Deciles,  Percentiles

Measures of Dispersion

Dispersion, Range. Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation, Discreet Series, Continuous Series

Correlation and Regression

Correlation, Measures of Correlation, Correlation Co-efficient, Rank Correlation, Concurrent Deviations, Graphical & Algebraic Method of Regression Analysis, Deviation from Means, Co-efficient of Regression


Random Experiment, Sample Space, Events & Outcome, Statistical Probability Theories, Total Probability Theorems, Mutually Exclusive & Dependent Events, Compound Probability, Conditional Probability, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Expected Value