GST Reports

After Voucher entries like Sales, Purchase, Debit / Credit Notes, Advance, Refunds, Reverse Charge Adjustments, etc, you may view /print the GST Statutory Reports for filing through GSTN Portal.

GST Reports Menu

All GST related Reports are available at GST Menu. Select GoT>Display More Reports>GST Reports to get GST Reports Menu.

F-1A: GSTR Reports menu

The GSTR-1 Report is displayed, showing the errors at the top section if any. These errors have to be first rectified and correct report to be obtained.

F-2A: GSTR-1 Report (with errors)


At GST Reports menu (F-1A), select GSTR-1. At GSTR-1 Display, at the report header, the statistic of Vouchers, separately for Clean Accepted Vouchers, Incomplete Vouchers (GST related details not completely available) and Irrelevant Vouchers (Vouchers not related with GST) are displayed. The figure such Incomplete Vouchers are not included in the Report Table. So, such Incomplete vouchers must be corrected properly. To rectify the Mismatch / Incomplete Vouchers, drill down through the relevant line in the header. The list of offended vouchers will be listed showing the reason/nature of mismatch / errors. These Vouchers then must be edited resolving all errors.

Click F12:Configure and set the GSTR-1 Configuration options and view the corrected report (F-2C).

F-2B: GSTR-1 Report Configuration

F-2C  GSTR-1 (Corrected)


At GST Reports menu (F-1A), select GSTR-2. Like GSTR-1, resolve all the errors.

F-3A: GSTR-2 Return

Click F12:Configure and set the options (F-3A) to view corrected GSTR-2 Report (F-3B).

F-3B: GSTR-2 Configuration


At GST Reports menu (F-1A), select GSTR-3B. Like GSTR-1 & 2, resolve errors (if any).

F-4A: GSTR-3B Report

Click F12:Configure, and set the Configuration options to get the corrected GSTR-3 Report .

F-4B: GSTR-3B Report Configuration

GST Annual Computation

At GST Reports Menu (F-1A), select GST Annual Computation to get the GST Annual Report for the entire Financial Year (F-5A).

GST Reports- Key Points

  • GoT>Display More Reports>GST Reports से  GSTR Report Menu पाए. GST registered dealer को  GSTR-1, GSTR-3B और  Annual Report (GSTR-9 / GSTR-9A) submit करना  है
  • GSTR-1 Outwards Supply (यानि  Sales) का  Monthly / Quarterly Report है
  • GSTR-2 Inwards Supply का  report है, जिसे  GSTR-1 के  बाद  Inwards / Outwards matching कर  submit करना  है.
  • GSTR-3B report GSTR-1, GSTR-2A से  reconcile कर  submit करना  है
  • GSTR Annual Report पुरे  साल  का  Sale, Purchase, Input Tax Credit और  Tax Liability का  संक्षिप्त विवरण (summarised statement)  है  जिसे  अगला 31 Dec तक  submit करना है