Basic Payroll

Payroll System

Payroll Set Up explains activation of Payroll Features and set up of Payroll System

Pay Heads explains creation of user defined Pay Heads and Computation rules of each Pay Head.

Employee Masters covers creation & set up of Employee Group, Employee Profile & Employee Category

Payroll Masters
Company Features set up for Payroll. Employee Group creation. Attendance / Production Heads. Pay Heads Creation. Employee Master Creation. Payroll Master key points.

Payroll Voucher

Payroll Voucher explains Pay Voucher creation through Manual Entry as well as Automated Computation of Pay of each Employee.

Employee Loans covers disbursements of Loans to Employees, Principal and Interest to be recovered in instalments from regular Pay, maintenance of Loan Balances.

Payroll Voucher Class explains setting of Account Heads for each Pay & Deduction head for automated Computation of Pay and creation of Payroll Vouchers.

Pay Revision & Arrears explains the critical part of payroll structure change, computation for revised Pay with new structure, effective from specified revision date. Arrears compuation & processing for Pay revision with retrospective effect.

Pay Vouchers
Payroll Voucher creation. Payroll Voucher Manual Entry, Employee Pay Structure set up. Attendance Voucher Entry. Payroll Voucher Auto fill. Payroll Voucher – Key Points.

Payroll Reports

Pay Disbursements explains printing of individual Employee Pay slips & Pay Registers with complete details of Pay for each Employee, for Employee Signature. Pay Advice for payment through Bank

Pay Reports describes various Pay Related reports like Pay sheet, Payroll Statement, Payroll Voucher Registers Pay Summary, Employee / Pay Head breakup

Employee Bonus explains creation various types of Bonus heads, payable at specified period, specified group / category of employee, computation rules, creation of Bonus Payment Voucher and Printing of Bonus Report.

Employee Gratuity Gratuity Pay Head, computation rules, Gratuity payment voucher on employee resignation, Accounting for Provision for Gratuity.

Expat Employee Reports explains maintenance of Expat Employee Records.

Pay Reports
Payroll Reports Menu, Pay Slip Display & Printing, Pay Sheet Display & Printing, Payment Advice Printing. Payroll Statement Display & Printing, Payroll Register Display & Printing. Payroll Reports – Key Points.