Business Communication – CS Foundation

CS Foundation Syllabus 2020

Business Communication

Business Communication

Business Communication, Means of Communication, Principles of Business Communication. Process of Communication. Barriers to Communication


Grammar and Usage; Words having Multiple Meaning, Single Word for a Group of Words, Choice of Words, Words Frequently Misspelt; Punctuations, Prefix and Suffix; Parts of Speech; Articles; Synonyms and Antonyms; Tenses; Idioms and Phrases; Foreign Words and Phrases commonly used; Abbreviations and Numerals; Pronunciation. Latin, French and Roman abbreviated words. 

Business Correspondence

Preparation of Resume, Job application, Drafting of Interview Letters, Call Letters and Offer of Appointment, Provisional and Final Appointment Orders; Goodwill Messages, Condolence Letters

Correspondence regarding Purchase

Requests for Quotations, Tenders, Samples and Drawings; Purchase Order, Order Acceptance, Complaints and Follow-Up

Correspondence regarding Sales

Drafting of Sales Letters, Circulars, Preparation of Sale Notes, Sales Reports, Sales Promotion Matters, Customers’ Correspondence, Follow up Letters

Correspondence regarding Accounts

Correspondence with Various Agencies, Correspondence with Banks, Correspondence with Insurance Companies 

Secretarial Correspondence

Correspondence with Shareholders and Debenture-Holders, Correspondence with Stock Exchanges, Correspondence with statutory Authorities like RoC, RBI, SEBI etc,

Administrative Communications

Drafting of Messages; Messages through Electronic Media; Public Notices and Invitations; Representations to Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Public Authorities

Inter-departmental Communication : Internal Memos; Office Circulars; Office Orders; Office Notes; Communication with Regional/Branch Offices

Press Releases