On-line Courses for K11-12 Students

On-line Free Learning by K11-12 Students

Dvidya offers online courses for students in grades K11-12. The courses are designed to help students improve their writing, oratory, and practical skills. The course materials are available for free and include text, audio and video tutorials, questions with model answers, and MCQs with explanatory answers. Students can upload their work and submissions on the website and earn cash rewards. This helps motivate students and instil self-confidence in them

On-line Courses fro K11-12 Students

Academic Courses for K11-12
Business Law and Commerce, Mathematics , Statistics , Business Management ,

Practical Training Couse for Accounting Software
Tally Accounting Software  .

Curses with apprenticeship and Job Opportunities
Skill Development 

Free access to on-line Resources for K11-12 Students

Learners have free access to a vast range of learning materials in various formats such as text, audio, images, and videos. These resources include a comprehensive collection of long and multiple-choice questions, quizzes, and complete explanations.

Student Work Review & Rewards

Students submit answers to questions. Students’ submissions are then evaluated. Best submissions are promoted through website and rewarded with cash.

Support Services by Expert Teachers to K11-12 Students

Students seeking special assistance for Problem solving, doubts clearing, may enroll with expert on-line teachers, on direct payment to the teachers. They may then submit their queries on-line, which are explained and mistakes rectified by the respective Teacher on-line. Thus students get their doubts and queries resolved by expert teacher of any place, using their smartphone.

Students who need help for problem-solving or clearing doubts can enroll with expert online teachers by making a direct payment to the teacher. Students can then submit their queries online, which will be explained, and mistakes rectified by the respective teacher online. So, students get their doubts and queries resolved by an expert teacher, regardless of their location, using just their smartphone.

Earnings by Teacher by working on line from home

dVidya offers a unique opportunity for teachers to provide student support services in their own language. They can achieve this by contributing explanatory commentary on study materials and question answers published on the website. Interested students can then choose to enroll for support services from the empanelled teacher of their choice by directly paying them. Once enrolled, students can submit their queries and seek assistance from the teacher. This way, teachers can expand their student base across the country, augment their earnings and work from the comfort of their homes in their free time.

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