Business Mathematics-CA Foundation

CA Foundation Syllabus 2020

Business Arithmetic

Ratio and Proportion

Ratio, Types of Ratio ,Compounded Ratio, Duplicate Ratio, Sub Duplicate Ratio, Triplicate Ratio, Inverse Ratio, Reciprocal Ratio, Continued Ratio, Comparison of Ratio, Proportion, Cross Product Rules, Inverse Proportion, Continuous Proportion, Properties of Proportion,

Interest & Annuity

Time Value of Money. Simple Interest. Compound interest. Depreciation. Effective Rate of Interest. Present Value. Net Present Value. Future Value. Perpetuity. Annuities. Sinking Funds. Valuation of Bonds. Calculating of EMI. Calculations of Returns – Nominal Rate of Return; Effective Rate of Return; Compound Annual growth rate (CAGR).

Discounting of Bills

Present Value, True Discount, Banker’s Discount, Banker’s Gain



Index, Base, Properties of Indices

Logarithm, Laws of Logarithm, Base, Chang of Base, Common Logarithm, Antilogarithm, Characteristics, Mantissa, Logarithmic Table, Antilogarithm Table.

Permutation & Combination
Principle of Counting, Permutation, Factorial, Circular Permutation, Combination, Restrictive Permutation, Restrictive Combination.

Sequence & Series

Sequence, Series, Arithmetic Progression, Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Progression, Geometric Mean


Roots of Equation, Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation, Cubic Equation


Linear Inequalities, Algebraic Solution of Linear Equation, Graphical Solution of Linear Equation


Matrix, Row Matrix, Column Matrix, Square Matrix, Diagonal Matrix, Scalar Matrix, Lower Triangular Matrix, Operations on Matrix, Equality of Matrices, Scalar multiplication of Matrix, Transpose of Matrix, Symmetric Matrix, Skew Symmetric Matrix


Determinant, Determinant of Order 2, Determinant of Order 3, Properties of Determinants, Minors and Cofactors, Adjoint and Inverse of a Matrix, Applications of Determinants and Matrices


Differential Calculus

Calculus, Differentiation, Derivative, Derivative Function, Implicit functions, Parametric Function, Derivative Of Function Of A Function, Second Order Derivative, Partial Derivative, Logarithmic Differentiation, Extreme of differentiable Function, Maxima and Minima, Applications of Maxima and Minima,

Integral Calculus
Integration, Integrals, Integration by Substitution, Integration by Parts, Integration by Rationalisation, Standard Integrals, Definite Integrals, Summation of Series by Definite Integral, Geometrical Interpretation of Definite Integrals. Area under Simple Curves

Set Theory


Set,Equivalent Set, Disjoint Set, Super Set, Subset, Complement of set, Power Set, Operations on Sets, Idempotent Laws, Identity Laws,  Commutative Laws, Associative Laws, Distributive Laws, Demorgan’s Laws, Venn Diagram, Ordered Pairs,

Relations & Functions

Cartesian Product of Sets, Relations, Function, Domain, Range, Algebra of Real Functions, Composition of Functions, Invertible Function, Binary Operations