Study Materials of Economics for undergraduate and graduate curriculum

This post discusses the curriculum and subjects of Economics, covering Micro Economics, Indian Economy and Business Economics.

It provides links to Important info and resources related to Study and various Study resources like Blogs, e-Books, Video and Audio Tutorials, Multiple Choice Questions, Question and Answers, in respect of following subjects of Economics.

Micro Economics: Covers Micro Economic aspects like Demand, Consumer Behaviour, Supply Analysis, Production of Goods and Services, Cost Analysis, Market & Definition and Classification of Money.

Indian Economy :Covers various aspects of Indian Economy, like Economic Sectors, National Income, Tax System, Population, Poverty, Unemployment, Infrastructure, Inflation, Budget & Deficit, Reserve Bank of India, Balance of Payment, Economic Reforms, Commercial Bank, Liberalisation etc.

Business Economics : Business economics is an area of applied economics to study the financial, organizational, market-related, and environmental issues faced by corporations.

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