Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Strategic Management for CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, Class 11-12 (Commerce) courses, BBA, MBA Courses

Business Environment

Business Objectives, Business Environment, Environmental Influences on Business, Environment Analysis, Components of Business Environment, Business Environment Category, Micro Environment, Macro Environment, Globalization, Strategic Responses to Environment, Competitive Environment, Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competitive Environment

Business Policy and Strategic Management

Business Policy, Characteristics of Business Policy, Business Strategy, Business Strategy Types, Strategic Management, Strategic Management Framework, Strategic Management Levels, Strategic Decision Making, Elements of Strategic Management, Corporate Mission, Strategic Vision of Organisation, Organisation Objectives and Goals

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis, Strategic Risk, Strategic Analysis Risk, Competitive Analysis, Key Success Factors, Rival Firms, SWOT Analysis, Organisational Strategy Levels, Tows Matrix, Portfolio Analysis

Strategic Planning

Corporate Strategy, Characteristics of Corporate Strategy, Strategy Implementation Process, Strategic Vision, Strategy Objectives, Implementation & execution of strategy, Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies, Best-Cost Provider Strategy, Grand Strategies, Directional Strategies, Stability Strategy, Expansion Strategy, Intensification Strategy, Diversification Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestment Strategy, Combination Strategy

Functional Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation, Functional Strategies, Marketing Strategy Formulation, Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy Techniques, Financial Strategy Formulation, Production Strategy Formulation, Logistics Strategy Formulation, Research & Development Strategy Formulation, Human Resource Strategy Formulation, 

Strategy Implementation and Control

Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Organisation Structure, Centralised Organisation Structure, Decentralised Organisation Structure, Functional organisation Structure, Multidivisional structure, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Structure, Matrix Structure, Network Structure, Competitive Advantage, Value Chain Analysis, Core Competencies, Leadership & Strategic Implementation, Corporate Culture, 

Reaching Strategic Edge

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Benchmarking, Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, E-commerce environment, Strategic management in non-profit & government organization