GST Invoicing in Tally PRIME

We have explained Invoicing without GST. Here we discuss about additional details in respect of GST entry in Invoice and Invoice Printing with GST details.

GST Sales Invoice Entry in Tally PRIME

We have described GST set up at Company Features (F11), various Masters at Accounts Masters & Inventory Masters section, Sales, Purchase, Debit Note & Credit Note creation / alteration (GoT>Voucher) Accounts Voucher and in Inventory Voucher section. Now we explain additional aspects of GST details entry in Invoice.

Sales Invoice GST Details Configuration Set Up in Tally PRIME

At Sales Voucher entry screen (GoT>Voucher) in Item Invoice mode (F-1B), Click F12:Configure. At Configuration screen (F-1A), under GST Details, set the options as desired (F-1A).

GST Details entry in Sales Invoice in Tally PRIME

At, Invoice entry screen (F-1B), set the following additional details related to GST.

Tax Classification set up in Tally PRIME

On selection of Sales / Purchase Ledger Account, at Tax Classification Details screen, select the Classification from Nature of Transaction list (F-1C).

GST  Ledger selection  in Invoice in Tally PRIME

After entry of Item details, select the appropriate GST Ledger Account (CGST and SGST for Intra Sate (within Sate), IGST for Inter Sate (outside state) Sales). The computed Tax Amount in respect of the Tax Ledger Account will be automatically carried at Amount column. Now enter other ledger account and amount, if any.

GST Analysis of Sales Invoice in Tally PRIME

Click I:More Details button and select Tax Analysis. Press Alt+F5 to get Detailed GST-Tax Analysis (F-1D) showing HSN Code, Taxable Amount and Tax Component (CGST/SGST) in respect of each Items for review and verification.

In the same way, you may enter GST details in Purchase Invoice entry.

GST Sales Invoice Entry Tally PRIME

04 Sales Invoicing for Composition Dealer in ERP 9 -Hindi

06 Sales Invoicing for Regular Dealer in ERP 9  – Hindi

GST Purchase Invoice Entry in Tally Prime

Enter GST details in Purchase Invoice entry in the same way

GST Purchase Invoice Entry in Tally PRIME

05 GST Purchase Entry in ERP 9

GST Invoice Printing in Tally PRIME

Invoice Printing has been explained in Inventory section (02-02). To instantly print the GST Invoice after entry as explained above, at Invoice entry screen, press Ctrl+P to get Invoice Printing screen (F-2A)


Invoice Printing Configuration in Tally PRIME

At Invoice Printing  screen (F-2A).  click C:Configure to set Invoice Prining Configuration options (F- 2B), as explained in earlier chapters.

Multiple Copy Invoice Prinitng in Tally PRIME

To print multiple copy Invoice with appropariate copy labels, at Invoice Printing Configuration, under Printer section, set the Number of Copies and select the approprate option (F-2C).

Invoice Preview on screen in Tally PRIME

Click I:Peview to preview the Invoice before prining, Click P:Print to print the Invoice on Printer (F-2D).

GST Invoice Printing in Tally PRIME

GST sales Invoice Printing in ERP 9 in Hindi

GST Invoicing in Tally PRIME – Key Points

  • Company Features और  सभी Masters में  GST features set करने  के  बाद  Invoice में  GST details entry करे . Invoice में GST Amount automatic compute होता  है. 
  • Invoice Printing Configuration में  GST details print के  options set करे  और  Invoice print करे.
  • GST Invoice multiple copy (Buyers Copy, Sellers Copy, Transporter Copy, बगैरह ) print के  लिए  option set कर  GST Invoice print करे.

GST Invoicing in Tally ERP9 – PDF