Principles of Management

Principles of Management

Principles of Management for CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, Class 11-12 (Commerce) courses, BBA, MBA Courses

Business Management

Management, Characteristics of Management, Objectives of Management, Importance of Management, Nature of Management, Levels of Management, Functions of Management, Co-ordination, Characteristics of Co-ordination, Importance of Co-ordination

Management Principles 

Nature of Management Principles, Significance of Management Principles, Taylor’s scientific Management, Scientific Management Principles, Scientific Management Techniques, Work Standardisation & Simplification, Method study, Motion study, Time study, Fatigue study, Wage system, Fayol’s Management  Principles

Business Environment

Business Environment, Importance of Business Environment, Dimensions of Business Environment, Economic environment, Government policy on Business & industry


Concept of Planning, Importance of planning, Features of planning, Limitations of planning, Panning Process, Types of Plans, Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, Method, Rule, Programme, Budget


Organising, Organising Process, Objectives of Organising, Organisation Structure, Types of Organisation Structure, Formal  Organisation, Informal Organisation,  Delegation, Objectives of Delegation, Decentralisation, Objectives of Decentralisation, 


Staffing, Need for Staffing, Staffing Process, Recruitment, Sources of Recruitment, Selection of Personnel, Personnel Selection Process, Personnel Training and Development, Training Methods


Directing, Objective of Directing, Principles of Directing, Elements of Direction, Supervision, Motivation, Leadership, Leadership Qualities, Communication, Communication Process, Objectives of Communication, Formal Communication,  Informal Communication, Grapevine Network, Barriers to Communication, Communication Effectiveness


Controlling, Objectives of Controlling, Controlling Process, Control Techniques, Responsibility Accounting, Management Audit, PERT, CPM, Management Information System

Financial Management

Business Finance, Financial Management, Objectives Of Financial Management, Financial Decisions, Financial Planning, Capital Structure, Capital Structure Formulations, Fixed Capital, Working Capital, Working Capital Requirements, 

Financial Markets

Financial Market, Functions of Financial Market, Money Market, Capital Market, Primary Market, Secondary Market, Stock Exchange, Functions Of Stock Exchange, Trading & Settlement, Dematerialisation, Depositories, National Stock Exchange Of India, BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.), Over the Counter Exchange Of India (OTCEI), Securities & Exchange Board Of India (SEBI)


Market, Marketing, Marketing Vs Selling, Purpose of  Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Management Concepts,  Marketing Functions, Role of Marketing, Marketing Mix, Elements of Marketing Mix, Classification of Products,  Branding, Packaging, Pricing, Distribution,  Promotion, Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Publicity, Public Relations

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection, Objectives of Consumer Protection, Legal Protection to Consumers, Consumer Rights, Consumer Responsibilities, Means of Consumer Protection,  Redressal Forums for  Consumer Protection, Consumer Organisations &  NGO’s.

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship Concept, Entrepreneurship Characteristics, Entrepreneurs In Economic Development, Entrepreneurs in Development of their Enterprises, Entrepreneurship Development Process, Entrepreneurial Competencies, Entrepreneurial Motivation, Entrepreneurial Values & Attitudes, 

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