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Tally PRIME Data Maintenance

Now we discuss briefly about maintenance of Tally Data like, Data Back Up, Data Restoration and Data Repair (Rewrite)

Tally Data Maintenance – Hindi Video

Tally Data Maintenance – Video in English

Tally PRIME Data Backup

Through Data  Backup, a copy of  data is kept at another place for safety. If the current working data is lost or damaged, the Backed Data may be restored and continue working.

Select Y:Data from top menu bar to get Data menu (F-1A).

F-1A: Data Back Up selection at Data menu

Select Back Up to get Back Up Companies screen (F-2A).  The default Back Up location and the Companies at default data Path are shown for convenience (F-2A).

F-1B: Data Back Up selection at Data menu

  • Source Data Back Up Locations : To Back Up data from other locations, select the desired data path from the options Specify Path (when the data path is known) or Select from drive. All the Companies stored in the specified path will be listed, as explained earlier.
  • Selection of Companies for Back Up : Now select the Company to Back Up from the list (F-2A). The selected Company will be listed left part (F-2A). This way, you may select multiple Companies for Back Up and finally press <enter> at blank line.
  • Data Back Up Locations : At Back Up Destination Path (F-2A), the default Back Up path is sown at the top. To change it, click on the Data path and the select the Back Up Data path from the list of Folders. The selected path will appear at Back Up Destination Path.

F-3A: Data Back Up overwrite message

Having set the Back Up Destination path and selection of Companies Data for Back Up (F-2A), Press Y at Accept Yes/ No to start the Back Up process (message of overwriting on Previous Back up may appear– F-3A). Backed Up Data of each of the selected Company will be stored in the specified Back Up Data Path (F-4A). The Back Up filename indicates the Company Number (F-4A).

F-4A: Backed up data

Data Back Up – Hindi Video

Data Back Up – Video in English

Hindi Audio

Tally PRIME Data Restoration

If the current working data gets damaged, you should restore Backed up data to get the data back in the current working directory, in functional condition.

At Data Menu, select Restore from top Y:Data Menu Bar option (F-1A) to get Restore Companies screen (F-5A). At the Right Part of Restore Companies screen (F-5A), all the Back Up Data stored in the default Back Up Path along with date of data Back Up is shown (change the data path to Restore Back Up data from Different Directory).

F-5A: Data Restoration

Select the file for Data Restoration. Selected file will be then shown in the left part (select End of List at end of selection). The default Data Path is also shown at Restore Destination path at the top. Overwriting on Restoration message will be displayed (F-5B). Type N and change the Data Path if you like to Restore in a different Data path, or Type Y to Restore Backed up Data in the current working directory.

F-5B: Data Restoration Message

Data Restoration – Hindi Video

Data Restoration – Video in English

Hindi Audio

Tally PRIME Data Re-writing (Data Repair)

Sometimes, Tally fails to open a company (due to minor data problem or non-compatibility). In such instance, at GoT, press Alt+Ctrl+R.

F-6A: Repair Company Screen

At Repair Company screen, select the Company whose data is to be repaired (F-6A). Click R:Repair button (F-6B).

F-6B: Repair Data Message

At Repair Message, click Y to Repair data (F-6C). After Repair, select the Company. If still the Company fails to Open, then there is damage in data and you need to Restore from Backed up Data as explained.

F-6C: Repair Data Warning Message

Data Repair – Hindi Video

Data Restoration – Video in English

Hindi Audio

Tally PRIME Data Maintenance – Key Points

  • से  ही  Data Restore कर  सकते  है.  Back up नहीं  तो Restoration भी नहीं कर  सकते .
  •   Data Path से  कई  Company के  Data एक  साथ  एक  ही  Folder में  Back up कर  सकते  है. Back Up filename में  Company Number और  Back Up का  Time दीखता  है.
  • किया  हुआ  पुराना data, current Data को  overwrite कर  देगा. इसलिए  Restored data में  last Back up किया  हुआ  data ही  मिलेगा. Last back up के  बाद  entry  / Alter किया हुआ  Data फिर  से  entry/ Alter करे.
  • में  Back Up data को  overwrite करता  है . इसलिए , पहले के  back up को  दूसरे  folder में  copy कर  ले , ताकि  जरूरत  हो  तो  पुराने  back up  data भी  मिल सके . अगर  datewise Voucher entry न  हुआ हो, backdated voucher alter, insert या  Alter हुआ हो, Master modify हुआ हो, तो  Restore कर  बिलकुल  current स्थिति  का  data वापस  पा सकने  की  कोई  निश्चयता  नहीं .
  •   multiple directory में  data रख  रहे  है  तो  हर  directory में  Company Number 10000 से  start होता  है . इसलिए , एक  ही  नंबर की  कई Company create हो सकती  है . Data   Folder Name और  Back Up data file नाम से  Company का  नंबर मालूम होता  है  लेकिन  Company Name  नहीं  मालूम होता . ऐसे  स्थिति  में  Data file mix हो  सकता  है , data overwrite हो  सकता  है . Careful रहे  !
  • के  अनुसार  Back up Data का filename  होता है. Agar कई  folder में Tally Data store करते  है  तो  एक  ही  number की  कई  Company create होगी. इस  स्थिति  में, Back up भी  उस  अनुसार  अलग  folders में करे, नहीं  to एक  Company के  Back Up data दूसरी  company के  Back Up Data को  overwrite करेगा.
  •   कभी  version change या  अन्य  कारण  से  Company Open नहीं  होता. ऐसे  समय  में  Ctrl+ Alt+R से Company select कर  Data Repair करे. Data Repair के  बाद  भी  अगर  Company Open नहीं  हुई  तो  शायद  आपको  Back Up से  data Restore करना  होगा.
  • Data Restore करने  के  पहले कोई  expert से  Data Recover करने  की  कोशिश  करे.
  • और  Data Restoration अनुभवी  staff पर ही  सौपे. यह  एक  sensitive काम  है.

Hindi Audio

Data Maintenance in Tally ERP9 – PDF