Data Maintenance in Tally PRIME

Accounts Data Maintenance

Accounts data maintenance refers to activities to control access to Accounts Data to authorised persons (User authorisation), ensuring Data cannot be damaged, destroyed or copied by unauthorised persons (data access control), regularly keep in the updated set of data for safety (Data Back Up) , which can be quickly restored when needed (Data Restore), and Data related trouble shooting (Data Rewrite).

Accounts Data Maintenance in Tally Prime

Now we discuss briefly about Accounts Data Maintenance task to protect and preserve Accounts Data in Tally Prime like, Data Back Up, Data Restoration and Data Repair (Rewrite).

Data menu in Tally prime

Data menu in Tally prime

Data Backup in Tally prime

Data Backup means keeping a copy of current working Data at another place for safety. If the current working data is lost or damaged, the Backed Data may be restored and continue working.

Auto Back up system is not available in Tally PRIME. The latest data is backed up at the time of Data Back Up process. So, security of data is dependent on frequency of data back Up. Backed up Data is overwritten on the current data. So, the data updated during the intermittent period (i.e after the time of Data Back Up) is lost. So, restoration of Data is not foolproof, as updation of earlier data would be difficult to track.

To ensure that you never lose data in any unforeseen event, you should think about Third party Back Up system which provide efficient on line Data Back Up at the back end and offers correct data restoration to bring the data to the latest status.

Data Backup Process in Tally prime :

Select Y:Data from top menu bar to get Data menu. Select Back Up to get Back Up Companies screen.  The default Back Up location and the Companies at default data Path are shown for convenience.

Data Back Company selection Tally prime

Data Back Company selection Tally prime

  • Data Back Up Destination Locations : At Back Up Destination Path the default Back Up path is shown at the top. To change the destination data path, select Data Path from Y:data path tab, and set the Company Back Up data path.
  • Selection of Source Companies for Back Up : Now select the Company to Back Up from companies from default data path. To select Company from any other Path, click Specify Path / Select Drive and select Company. The selected Companies will added in the list left part. This way, you may select multiple Companies for Back Up and finally select <End of List > at blank line.

Backed Up Data of each of the selected Company will be stored in the specified Back Up Data Path. The Back Up filename indicates the Company Number.

Multiple Company Data Back Up process in Tally prime

When multiple Compnaies are Backed Up at a time, separate Back Up files would be created as per Company Number in ONE desination Back Up folder. To avoid overwriting of Back UP data of same Compny number, 2 Company of same number, from different data path cannot be selected for Back Up.

Multiple Company Data Back Up filename in Tally prime

Tally does not reveal the Compnay Name in Backed up Data file name. The Back up folder may contain data backed up from different source path. So, it may create lot of confusion rgarding the conetnts of a Back Up data, where multiple data folders exist with same number.

Original Data are kept in a data folder (which contain many files), while Back Up Data is contained in file (not folder).

Keeping Back in same computer carries risk of losing all data if the Computer Hard Disk crashes. Keeping Back up in Google Drive / Drop Box is a convenient and  good option.

Data Back Up overwrite message

Data Back Up overwrite message

Backed up data Folder in Tally prime

Backed up data Folder in Tally prime

Backed up Accounts Data Restoration in Tally Prime

If the current working data gets damaged, you should restore Backed up Accounts data   in Tally prime .  to get the Accounts data back in the current working directory, in functional condition.

Accounts Data Restoration process in Tally Prime

To restore Backed up Accounts data, Select Restore from top Y:Data Menu Bar to get Restore Companies screen. At the Right Part of Restore Companies screen, all the Back Up Data stored in the default Back Up Path along with date of data Back Up is shown (Select Specify path / Select from Drive to Restore Data from another path).

Select the file for Data Restoration. Selected file will be then shown in the left part (select End of List at end of selection). The default Data Path is also shown at Restore Destination path at the top. Overwriting on Restoration message will be displayed. Type N and change the Data Path if you like to Restore in a different Data path, or Type Y to Restore Backed up Data in the current working directory.

Data Restoration

Data Restoration Message

Limitations of Data Back up in Tally Prime

When you Restore data from Back up, only the Backed Up Data is restored. So, data updated after the last back up is lost. So, Restored Data is unreliable, and need to be checked thoroughly. So, look for Auto Back up faciltiy provided by Opertaing System or Third Party. For business organisation, this is serious issue of life or death, if working data gets damaged.

Data Re-writing (Data Repair) in Tally Prime

Sometimes, Tally a company fails to open, back up or split (due to minor data problem or non-compatibility). Data rewrite is sort of Data Troubleshooting process, to rectify the data glitches so that regular operations can be performed. To re-write data, press Alt+Ctrl+R to get Repair Company screen. Now select the desired Company from the list of Compnaies to get Repair Company screen.

At Repair Company screen, select the Company whose data is to be repaired. Click R:Repair button. At Repair Message, click Y to Repair data. After Repair, select the Company

Company Data Repair

Data Repair Message

Data Repair Warning Message

In Data repair process, Tally Only minor data problem may be repaired. If still the Company fails to Open, then there is damage in data then Restore from Backed up Data as explained.

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