Cash Bank Book in Tally PRIME

Cash Book is a special Journal recording all transactions relating to Cash. It also shows Opening & Closing Balances  of Cash Account for the related period, like a Ledger. So, Cash Book  is also a ledger Book of Cash Account .

Some organisations maintain separate books for Cash Transactions (called Cash Book) and for Bank Transactions (called Bank Book), while many organisation maintain ONE Combined Cash & Bank Book for both Cash & Bank transactions in chronological order.

Cash / Bank Book Display in Tally Prime

Cash / Bank Book (normally referred as Cash Book) is a special composite Journal Book cum Cash / Bank Account Ledger Book, containing chronological records of all Receipts & Payments during the period & Closing Balance of Cash / Bank Account (like a Ledger Book). So, Cash / Bank Book may be printed as respective Ledger Account in Tally PRIME.

Cash / Bank Books Menu in Tally Prime

Cash/ Bank Books may be accessed from GoT Main Menu or from GoTo Menu.

Accounts Books Menu

GoT Main Menu : Select GoT>Display More Reports>Account Books to get Cash Bank Summary. Select Cash / Bank Accounts to display respective Cash / Bank Book for the Current Period.

Go To Menu Bar : Click G:GoTo (Ctrl+G or Alt+G) to get List of Reports Menu. Now select:

  • Cash / Bank Book and then select the desired Cash Bank Account
  • Group Reports> Cash / Bank Book and then select the desired Cash Bank Account

On selecting Cash Bank Books from menu, you don’t get Cash / Bank Book directly, but successively traverse through various stages of Summary Report, Cash Bank Summary Report

Cash / Bank Book Display in Tally Prime

Cash/Bank Summary Display

On selecting Cash Bank Books at GoT Main Menu or GoTo Reports Menu as explained, you get Cash Bank Summary showing summary of each of the Cash Bank Accounts for the Current Period.

At Cash Bank Summary, click on (Drill down) any Cash or Bank Account to get successively get Group Summary / Ledger Summary. On drill down through any month, you get Ledger Vouchers (Cash Book) for the selected Month, click F2:Period button and set the Report Period.

Click F12:Configure at the respective intermediate summary and Ledger Voucher report and set the Configuration options, as desired. So, to view Cash Bank Book with Voucher details for a specified  period, you have to traverse a number of steps from menu level, and finally set the Report period.

Cash / Bank Book Format and Contents in Tally Prime

On selecting a Cash bank Account from the Summary , as explained, the Ledger Voucher report (it is not named as Cash Book) for the specified period display shows following details, for the selected Cash / Bank Account, as per Configuration options set.

  • Voucher Details: All transactions involving the selected Cash / Bank account , showing First ledger account in the voucher.
  • Opening Balance : Opening Balance of Cash & Bank Accounts for the specified period, at the bottom of the Report in  respective Debit / Credit column.
  • Current Total : Total of debits / Credits of the transaction for the selected period, in respective Debit / Credit column
  • Closing Balance : Closing balance for the end of the period, in respective the Debit / Credit column (normally at Debit column for Cash & Bank Accounts, Credit column for Bank OCC/OD Accounts).

Additional details are (like Complementary Ledger Accounts of the Voucher, Narration, Bank details etc), may be displayed as per configuration options set.

Cash / Bank Book Display

Cash Bank Book Printing in Tally Prime

Cash Bank Book Printing

At Cash / Bank Book (Ledger Vouchers) Display, press Ctr+P to get Cash / Bank Book Printing screen. Click C:Configure (to set Printing Configuration options) / I:Preview (to preview the Report on screen) / P:Print (to print the Report  on Printer)

Cash Bank Book in Print

The printed Format of Cash / Bank Book shows Opening Balance at the beginning, followed by transactions and finally the Totals / Closing Balance.

Cash Bank Book in print, shows the details like traditional Cash Bank Book. showing Opening Balance first, followed by transactions and finally the Closing Balance at period end. But in Display, the Transactions are shown first and Totals / Balance shown at the end, as explained. You may also print Cash / Bank Book with Multiple Cash Bank Columns , and  Multi Account Cash Bank Book in one shot.

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