Accounting & Financial Reports in Tally Prime

Accounting reports shows the detailed, summarised and Analytical reports of Accounting transactions, Accounting reports are normally used by organisation for internal information and control. Financial Reports are summarised reports created from information contained in various Accounting Reports. Financial Reports are used by top management and stakeholders.  

Accounts Reports Menu in Tally Prime

As soon as you enter a voucher, its effect is immediately reflected in the respective places and you may view any report on screen or print on paper at any point of time to get the updated figures.

Go To Menu Reports

Go To Menu Reports

Reports Menu : You may access all Reports from GoT Menu. The top level reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Ratio Analysis, etc. and Day Book, are available at Main Menu of Gateway of Tally. Click Display More Reports to get sub menu for all other reports. Click on the respective option in the sub menu.

GoTo Report list : To access any report, click on Go To option in GoT, to get the list of frequently used common Reports . To get list of all Reports, click Expand All option at the top right of the Menu List.

Reports Drill Down & Trace Back : From any Reports Menu, press <enter>at Menu Item, to Display the desired Report. Trace back in same route to upper menu through Esc key Voucher Alteration / Deletion : From a higher level Report, drill down through any Account Group/ Ledger to view the next level Report. This way, you may drill down to the lowest level Report (normally Voucher List / ledger Voucher). Select the desired voucher to make alteration (to Delete the Voucher, press or Press Alt+D)

Reports Printing in Tally Prime

General Printing Configuration

General Printing Configuration

At any Reports Display screen, Click P:Print button at the top menu bar (or Alt+P) to get Print Menu with following options:

  • Current : To print the currently selected Report
  • Others : To select any other Report for printing

Configuration : To set Report General Configuration. Press <enter> at the respective options and change the values. The options set would then be applicable to all Reports for the Company.

To print multiple Items on Printer, in one shot (like Multiple Vouchers, Ledgers etc), at Display More reports. Select Multiple Account Priming to get the Menu to print respective Reports to print Multiple Item Reports

The process of General Configuration option setting is bit obscure. You can not set the values directly on Configuration screen. First you press <Enter> on the selected Option. In case of Yes / No options, the value would be toggled from Yes to No and vice Versa and the changed value will be saved even if you press <Esc>. No option to abort keeping the original data. In case of input values, another pop up screen will appear. In case of selection list, select the desired option from the list. Press <Enter> to save the changed value (press Esc to abort the entry).

Current Report Printing in Tally Prime

Report Printing screen

Report Printing screen

At the current Report display screen, click (Ctl+P) to get Current Report Printing screen, having 2 sections:

  • Important Configuration Options Display : The current configuration Important options as set at display configuration are displayed for info. To change the options, click C:Configure button as explained next
  • Printer Properties : The default selected Printer and the values are displayed next. Click F6:Printer button from right button bar, select the Printer from list of installed Printer and change the properties as desired.

Next the following buttons appear:

  • C:Configure : To set Current Report configuration options from the list of Configuration.  as desired. Select Show More at the top
  • I:Preview : Type I to preview the Current report on screen, useful to the view the Report with scale in Print Format and to check the report contents before Printing. Wide and multi page report in print may be viewed in Print Preview. Report may be printed on Printer also from within Print Preview.
  • P:Print :Type P to print the report in printer 22.

At any Report display screen, when click P:Print tab (Alt+P), you get Report Menu. Select Configuration from Report Reports menu, to set General Printing Configuration, applicable for all Reports (same options at all Reports). However, using C:Configure button at current Print Report (Ctrl+P), you get additional options relating to current report printing configuration (these options are Report specific). Voucher can be printed while creation/ alteration or from Multi Account Printing. There is no option at List of Vouchers (or Day Book or Voucher Register showing list of each Voucher),to Preview / Print selected Vouchers.

Current Report Printing Configuration in Tally Prime

Now set up the current Report Configuration options in the same way as General Report Configuration options as explained. Initially, Important options are only displayed. Click Show More / Show Less toggle link at the top to get expanded / collapsed list of Configuration options.

The Current Report options are classified in following sections:

Report Details : At Report Details section, set the options to configure the detail contents of the report. These options are report specific and vary according to the selected report.

Report Header : At Report Header section, set the contents of Report Header (like Report Title, Sub Title, Page Number etc) and the Company Details as shown in the Report Header. These options are mostly common to all reports.

Printer : Set the Printer options, to set up properties of Printer for specific.

Printer setting options at right side button bar are to be set from print screen. These may also be set through Configuration options available through C:Configure button. Report Dimension and Margins are to be set through C:Configure button options. To reprint a specified pages out of a multipage report (normally after interruption of printing), click F10:Pages to Print button and then enter the stating page / page range. Make sure that for reprinting, the same options are exactly replicate the report, otherwise you will not get desired result.

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