Accounts Reports – Tally PRIME – Frequently Asked Questions

How I can print report from Display screen ?

At the respective Display screen, click P:Print button (or press Alt+P). At Report Printing Menu, select Current (or press Ctrl+P) to get Printing screen (alternately, press Ctrl+P to get Printing Screen directly). At Report Printing screen,

  • Click I:Preview to view preview the Report on screen, Click P:Print button to print the Report. You will get the Report with default printing options (as shown in printing screen).
  • Click C:Configure and then set the Configuration options.
  • Having set the Configuration options, Click I :Preview or P:Print button.

How I can print the current voucher from Voucher Entry screen?

At Voucher entry screen, after voucher entry, press Ctrl+P to get Voucher Printing screen. Click C:Configure to set the Configuration option and / or Click P:Print button to print the current Voucher