Inventory Reports-Frequently Asked Questions- Tally Prime

FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

FAQ – 01: I am a trader. I like to get the gross profit in respect of each sale transaction

Select Display>Account Books>Sales Register, select a month (or set the period), to get Sales Voucher Register. Click F12: Configure and set Yes at Show Consumption & Gross Profit for Outwards. Against each Sale Bill, the Gross Profit would also be shown.

FAQ -02 :  I like to get comparative sales realization from different customers and purchase cost from different supplier of an Item

Select Display>Inventory Books>Movement Analysis> Stock Item Analysis and select the Item for which you want the comparative Analysis of Sales & Purchase. You get Partywise Sales & Purchase summary figures of the selected Item, showing quantity, basic & effective rate and value in respect of each Supplier & Customer

FAQ-03 : I like to get a summary of all Items Produced & Consumed in my factory for a specified period

Select Display>Inventory Books > Movement Analysis> Transfer Analysis and select Stock Journal Voucher Type to get the  Production & Consumption of Items  in separate columns, showing the Quantity, Effective Rate & Value in respect of Production & Consumption.

FAQ- 04 : How I can get Gross Profit figures with value of Sales / Cost of Sales

At  Profit & Loss Account Statement (F-1). Click F12:Configure & set Yes at Show Vertical Profit & Loss. You will get the Trading Account at Top, showing Sales, Direct Income & Cost of Sales (Purchases adjusted with Opening & Closing Stock values) & Direct Expenses, showing the Gross Profit, followed by the figures of Indirect income & Indirect Expenses, showing the net Profit.