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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- 1 : How you create a PoS Voucher Type.

You may alter Sales Voucher Type to PoS Voucher Type or Create a New PoS Voucher Type (F-1)

  • Alteration of Sales Voucher Type : If you use only PoS voucher for sale  (like in Retail Store), you do not need to create a New Voucher Type. Select Sales to  Alter the  Sale Voucher  Type as PoS Voucher Type. At GoT>Accounts Info>Voucher Type>Alter  to get Voucher Type Alteration screen
  • Creation of PoS Voucher Type :  If you need to create a separate voucher type for PoS  (apart from Sales Voucher), create a New Sales Voucher Type for PoS. At GoT>Accounts Info>Voucher Type>Create, select Sales  to get Voucher Type Creation screen, to create a new PoS Voucher Type (od Type Sales)

Now  make necessary entry / alteration at the Voucher Entry / Alterations screen (both look similar : F-1) and set the options, as explained earlier.