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Payroll Vouchers

Q. In manual Payroll Voucher entry, the values are to be manually computed and entered in Pay Vouchers. Then what is its use and advantage of using manual Entry Payroll System.
A. Yes. Normally, the objective of Payroll System is to auto compute the Paysheet. However, Manual Voucher entry may be convenient when number of Employees are few, very few Pay & Deduction heads, and the Pay figures are mostly fixed (so that very less computation is needed). This makes the system simpler to set up the Pay Heads of the Employees. Maintenance of Attendance records (Attendance Heads, Attendance Entry etc, becomes optional and simple. Yet, all the Payroll related reports would be available in the Payroll system
When more employees join, and more Pay elements (Pay Heads) are introduced requiring various computations, then the Automatic Pay Calculation can be done, only after creating all the Masters and other data as explained.
Initially, when Payroll System is first introduced, it may be convenient to introduce for Officers level first as the Pay are mostly fixed), attendance entry is simple. Gradually, lower level employees may be covered to the worker level, only when system runs smoothly.

Q. How to create Payroll Voucher
A. In voucher entry screen, the option / button for Payroll Voucher entry do not appear initially, even when Payroll is activated for the Company. Click F10:Other Vouchers button at right side button bar (or press F10 key) to get the list of Voucher Types and then Click press Crl+F4 button. For quick entry, press Crl+F4 button at Voucher entry screen to get Payroll Voucher entry screen (but this option is not visible in Voucher Entry screen).