Frequently Asked Question-Payroll Reports – Tally Prime

Payroll Reports

Q. How to print Pay Sheet with space for signature or each Employee.
A. At paysheet printing (at paysheet Display press Ctrl+P), click C:Configure button and set Yes at Provide Space for Signature / Stamp. The data for each employee would be printed after double space for fixing Stamp.
In Paysheet, normally quite a number of columns are printed. So, the Pay Sheet may get split into multiple parts. To enable printing all columns is one page, print only essential columns (at Configuration, set No to those options). To set the printing in Landscape mode, to get more width, Click F6:Printer, select the Printer from the list of installed Printers and set the Option for Landscape Mode (the Printer options vary according to the make/ model of the Printer).
In all wide reports, you have to set the Printer. Tally does not set it automatically according to the contents of report and you may get split reports with few columns in each Part.