Frequently Asked Question-Payroll Masters – Tally Prime

Payroll Masters

Q. How to activate Payroll System in Tally PRIME. I don’t find the option for Payroll Activation.
A. At K:Company tab, Click Features (F11) or press F11 Key to get Company Features screen. Under Payroll section, set Yes at Maintain Payroll. If you do not get this option, then set Yes at Show More Features and then also set Yes at Show All Features. Then Payroll section in Company Features will appear. Now set Yes at the option Maintain Payroll. Press Ctrl+A to save the setting.

Q. Is it essential to create Employee Group
A. No. If there are only few Employees, you may not create any Employee Group. At Employee Master creation, at Under Field, select primary from the list of Groups. All the employee report would be should under Primary Group. You will not get Employee Groupwise Report. For small organisation with few Employees (around 10-12), this makes the system simpler.
Later on, when the organisation grows and more employees join, you may create Employee Groups and at Employee Alteration, select the respective Employee Group at Employee Master record, through Alter option