Account Masters List in Tally

Account Masters List display in Tally

After entry of Accounts Masters (Account Groups, Accounts Ledgers, Voucher Types etc), you may display / print the lists  of  Account master records in Hierarchical  / Alphabetical order.

First Alias Name is also shown (where specified) beside the Master Name. In list of Account Groups / Account Ledger, Alias Name of Reserved Groups are also shown.

Select Display > List of Accounts to get the list of all Accounts Masters. Initially the chart of Accounts (Account Groups / Ledger Accounts in hierarchical order) appears. The Account Groups are shown in bold and the ledger accounts are shown in Italics.

Accounts Master List in Tally

Vertical Button Bar at Accounts Master List

 At Account Master list, the vertical button bar shows buttons for each type of Accounts Master (depending on the features activated)

Vertical Button Bar at Accounts Master List in Tally

Other Master Lists

At Account Master list, click the respective button to show the list of each type of Accounts Master

– List of Account Groups : Click G: Groups button at the button bar to get the list of Account Groups only in hierarchical structure.

–       List of Account Ledgers : List of Ledgers shows the Account Groups (in Normal Font) and the underlying Ledger Accounts (in Italics)  in hierarchical structure

Click L: Ledgers button to show the List of Account Groups & Ledgers, the complete chart of accounts.

List of Account Groups in Tally

  • List of Voucher Types : Click V: Voucher Types button to show the List of Voucher Types in alphabetical sequence of Voucher Type Name. The Tally created Primary Voucher Type is shown in Bold, while user created new voucher types are shown in Normal Font

List of Voucher Types in Tally

Account Master List Printing

At the respective Account Master List Display, click P:Print button to get Accounts Master Printing screen.

Account Master Printing screen in Tally

At Accounts Master Printing screen , at Type of Master, select the type of Master from Account Master Type list , to print the respective list of Master, similar to display.

Account Master Type List in Tally

Operations from Account Master List

You may make following operation of any Account Master record, from any of the Account Master list, from the options appearing at the button bar at the bottom of the Report

Account Master Operations Buttons

  • Create New Account Master record : At the Master list (e.g Accounts Groups / Ledgers  list),Click C:Create Mst button to create new Account Master record from the Master List display. 
  • Selection of Master : Move the cursor on the Master record and press Spacebar to select it (the colour band will change to indicate that the record has been selected) to perform any operation on the selected Master Record.
  • Alteration of Master : Press <enter> on the selected Master to get it in Alteration mode to make the desired modification of any data in the selected master record
  • Deletion of Master :To Delete the Masters, click D:Delete button (or press Alt+D), the selected Account Groups / Ledgers would be Deleted (subject to rules of Deletion of Account Groups / Accounts Ledgers) 
  • Remove / Restore Lines : You may remove a Master (and again Restore) in the list of master, without physically removing the record. You may even select multiple Masters at a time to Remove / Restore Masters.
  • Remove Lines : Press R:Remove line button (or Alt+R) to remove the selected (Marked) lines from the list (the master records do not get deleted, they only disappear from the current list)
  • Restore  Lines : To Restore the last removed line , press U:Restore Line (or press Alt+U). To restore all the removed lines (when you have removed multiple lines in one go), press U: Restore All (or press Ctrl+U). The removed lines are shown back in the list.

You should be cautious about the Remove / Restore features in various Reports, as it may sometimes be used for fraudulent purposes by removing records. Prima facie, no one would be able to detect a manipulated report in which some lines have been removed.

Contact Details

Contact details may be entered in Ledger Accounts under  Bank Accounts, Branch, Capital A/c, Deposits, Loans & Advances (Asset), Loans (Liability), Reserves & Surplus, Retained Earnings, Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans, Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors Account Groups.

However, there is no option to display / print the Contact Details, etc. in the list of Master.

However, you may print / display e-mail ID of Ledgers, from Exception reports menu

E-Mail ID List Display

At Exception Reports Menu (GoT>Display>Exception Reports), select e-mail IDs. Initially, you get a list of Ledger Accounts  for which e-mail ID is not yet entered (e-mail ID is blank)

e-mail ID List in Tally

Buttons at e-mail list

At e-mail ID Display screen, you get following buttons :

  • F4:Group : To select a Group to get list of Ledger names (in alphabetical sequence) under the selected Group (select Primary to get List of All Ledgers), to list the ledgers with e-mail IDs for the Ledgers under selected Group.
  • F5:All Items / Exceptions : Click this toggle button to:
  • All Ledger Accounts : F5:All Items toggle button to list all ledger accounts with e-mail IDs. This helps to see the entered / blank e-mail Ids for each Ledger Accounts
  • Blank e-mail ID: F5:Exceptions toggle button to list all ledger accounts with blank e-mail IDs only (even if some other info like Contact Person, Mobile Number, Telephone Number is filled up). This helps to see the Ledger Accounts for which e-mail ID has not yet been entered.

Entry of Missing e-mail ID

To fill up any missing contact details, at e-mail ID list , select the Ledger Account and press <enter> to get the Ledger Account Alteration screen. Now any info in the ledger accounts may be modified from this screen, but in the list only 4 info columns (Ledger Name, Mobile Number, Contact Person & e-mail ID are shown). Address and other details are not shown in any list

E-Mail ID List Printing : At e-mail ID Display screen, click P:Print button to get e-mail ID printing screen. Type Y to print the e-mail ID list.

Limitations of Master List

Ledger Account List

Account Group List

Voucher Type List

Sequence of Master Records :Master List just give the list of names of the Master in alphabetical order of Primary parent (for example list of Ledger Accounts in order of Primary Group, and then hierarchical structure of Primary Group). It gives primary importance to alphabetical sequence of Primary level items, rather than the inherent accounting nature of the Master, or the normal accounting practices.

There is no way to get the list of Account Groups / Ledgers in sequence of Balance Sheet / Profit Loss Account, as they appear in the Financial Statements. This is very Important from the point of view of organization of Account Groups & Ledgers.

There is not option to get the complete list of Ledgers / Groups  in alphabetical order

Filtering of Master Records :There is no option to select  Groups to list subgroups / ledgers of a selected Account Group.

Complete details of Master Record : There is no option to print all the related details of Accounting Master (to print a comprehensive check list of selected (or all) data of master list). For example, you cannot print the data of various options and fields filled up in Master, to see the correctness or to keep a record. This is very Important to keep control and better management of Masters and their properties.

You cannot print mailing label, selected items of Contact details, statutory details, as per your requirements, in your own designed format.

The Master List does not provide any configuration option like in other reports. Though Master records contain very Important properties and info which spread to all related transaction records, Tally provides very rudimentary features to compile details of Master Record data.

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