Reports Display in Tally

Operations through Reports Display in Tally

After entry of voucher, any report may be instantly viewed on screen. The design & format of Report Display facilitates drill down to subsequent level details, ultimately to the voucher alteration screen.

However, any report may be printed on paper using P:print button at the repot display screen.

The contents & layout of reports may be configured through General Report Configuration options.

Alteration / Deletion through Reports Display in Tally

  • Master Alteration / Deletion: You may later any Master from list of Master (GoT>Display>List of Accounts), position the Cursor on the name of the Master (e.g., Group, Ledger etc)
    • Master Alteration: Now click Enter (Alter) button or press <Enter) to get the Master Alteration screen. Now take the cursor on desired field and alter the data, as required. Save the master record.
    • Master Deletion : Now click D:Delete button. A confirmation Delete Yes / No message appears, Type Y to delete. The master would be deleted subject to restriction
  • Voucher Alteration / Deletion: You may Alter / Delete Voucher from Day Book (Display>Day Book) or List of Voucher (through drill down from reports). Place the cursor on desired voucher in the list and then :
  • Voucher Alteration: Click Enter (Alter) button or press <Enter) to get the Voucher Alteration screen. Now take the cursor on desired field and alter the data, as required. Save the Voucher.
  • Voucher Cancellation : Click Enter (Alter) button Press Alt + X to Cancel the voucher. All the values of the voucher would be zero. The voucher would be marked as Cancelled (but will not be deleted).
  • Voucher Deletion : Click D:Delete button Press Alt + D to Delete the Voucher

Master Alteration during Voucher Alteration: At Account Voucher Alteration screen, place the cursor on Account Ledger in the Voucher, and press <Ctrl+Enter> to get the Ledger Account Alteration screen. Now you may make Alteration in the Ledger Account, also from the Voucher.

02 Exploding & Collapsing Report Lines in Tally

In Display, initially the top level Account (Account Group / Ledger) and the corresponding figures are displayed. The underlying details figures of any selected record may be exploded (shown) / collapsed (hidden) as follows, to show the report with details of  specified data :

Exploding a record to show Details in Tally

Press Shift + <enter> key (or right click) on a top level record, to show next level details (below the selected record), on same screen

Exploded Report in Tally

Collapsing a record to hide details in Tally

In the exploded report, press Shift + <enter>key (or right click) to collapse detailed records, showing only the corresponding top level record.

Collapsed Report in Tally

Hiding / Restoration Report Lines in Tally

Sometimes, you may like to hide some lines in a Report. The hidden items are removed from the report display and the totals also get changed (the amount of hidden record is excluded from the report total. Again restore the hidden lines. The hidden items are restored and the totals also get changed accordingly to include the Items restored

On hiding / restoration, no data gets changed. Internally all data remains same. The Items are only hidden from display and then again restored in the display.

Hiding Lines in Display in Tally

To remove a line in the display screen (to hide the line), place the cursor on the record and press <space bar> to select the line to be removed. This way, you may select several lines, one by one, to be removed,  and press Alt+R. All the selected lines for removal are removed together from the Report. However, no data gets deleted. The record is just hidden in the display.

Report after removing a line

Restoring Hidden Lines in Display in Tally

To Restore (bring back) the removed lines, press Alt+U. The removed line is restored. If you have removed several lines and like to restore them all at a time, press Ctrl+U. All the removed lines would be restored.

Report with Restored line in tally

Factored Figures in Reports in Tally

Sometimes,  Factored figures with Rounded values (e.g rounded Figures in Crores, Millions or Thousands), are shown to make it more readable to top level people, than precise amount (accurate to Rs & Paise). Factored reports with Rounded values are compact and more meaningful.

Configuration for factored figure in Reports

To get reports in factored (scaled) Figures, at Reports Configuration screen, select the Scale Factor for Values to get the list of factoring options  and select the desired Scale Factor to show the factored figures (rounded to 2 decimal places). For example, when you select Thousands, all the Figures of the report will be divided by 1000.

User Specified Factor Values

To factor with any user specified value (other than the standard factor values listed, at Scale Factor for Values, select New Number.  to get the New Scale input box (F-3B) to enter the user specified factor value.  Enter your own scale factor (e.g 82.50 to show the amount in Rupees converted  to  equivalent US Dollars, when 1 USD = Rs 82.50).

This way, you may factor the Figures by some percent (e.g to increase the Figures by 10%, enter  0.90901 (=1/1.10) as the factor in New Scale.

User defined factor value in Reports in Tally

At the top of the report, Standard Scale Factor value (like in Lacs) is also shown for reference. However, user defined scale factor is not displayed.

To restore to the Report with original value, select Default at the list of Scale Factor.

Report with Original Figure in Tally

In this case, Factored Figures (at right) shows the figures as per new scale,  increased by appx 10% (New scale = .90901)

Report with Factored Figure in Tally

Report Data Sorting in Tally

Tally displays Report with specific sort order (normally alphabetical order of first column). To get the data sorted in other sequence, at Report Configuration screen, select the option Sorting Method from the list of sorting options.

Report Sorting options set up in Tally

Rules of Sorting in Tally

Initially, you get the default report sorted in ascending order of first column, as per following sequence :

  • If the first column is Voucher Date (in case of report containing Vouchers, like Day Book etc), the default report appears as per Date
  • If the first column is Name (Group Name / Account Name, like Trial Balance etc), the default report appears in alphabetical order of Account Name (Group Name / Ledger Name)

Some reports do not have any option to sort. These reports are sorted as per their own rules (like Balance Sheet,  P & L Statement, etc)

Specifying Sorting Option in Tally

Now you can change the sort order (ascending / descending). Click F12:Configure to get Configuration screen. At the option Sorting Method, select the sort option. The sort option list varies  according to the Report. The sort option may be specified both in Ascending (Increasing) / Descending (Decreasing) on 3 attributes :

  • Name  : Account Name, Group Name, Ref No, etc
  • Amount : Account, Currency, etc
  • Date : Voucher Date, Due Date, In sequence of entry etc

The report gets sorted as per the sorting method selected. The selected Sort option applies on the default column. For example, if  a column is displayed  through Configuration option, that will not be considered for Sort order. For example, in Trial Balance, the Closing Balance appears in default. So, if you specify the Sort option as Amount (Decreasing),  the report will be sorted on Closing Balance (not on other columns displayed through Configuration options like Opening Balance, Transaction Dr / Cr etc).

Bar Graphs in Reports in Tally

Tally provides simple Bar Graphs in some selected Reports during Report Displays. like Monthly Summary Reports as per specified Periodicity (Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly etc). Debit  & Credit Figures are represented  as Positive and Negative, according to the Report.

Bar Graph in reports in Tally

Report Graphs option set up in Tally

At GoT>F12:Configure>General, at the option (under the section Other Options) Show Monthly Reports with Graph :

  • Set Yes to Display Graphs (for Monthly Figures for the Current Period) by default.
  • Set No. The Graph will not be shown in default (will be displayed only when you set Yes at the respective Configuration screen for the current Display screen, as described below)

Bar Graph in Report display activation  in Tally

Current Report Bar Graphs Display option  in Tally

In current display screen, you may override the default option set. Click F12:Configure at the Display screen to get Configuration screen of the current Report Display screen.  At the option Show With Graph :

  • Set Yes to show the Graph
  • Set No to suppress the Graph (Graph will not be shown)

The Graph scale appears according to the Periodicity set (Monthly / Quarterly etc). This setting would be applicable only to the current display screen.

Report Bar Graph display option set up

Percentage Figures

You may display percentage value in some summary reports. This is useful information for Management, than absolute values in Rupees.

Percentage figures option Set Up in Tally

At current report display screen, Click F12:Configure at the Display screen to get Configuration screen .

Report with percentage Display option set up in tally

Reports with Percentage Figures in Tally

To get column with % values of individual items, in respect the total (which is 100 %), at the Configuration screen, set Yes at Show Percentages.

Report showing Percentage Figures in Tally

Reports Display with periodic figures in Tally

To get reports with periodic figures, at current report display screen, Click F12:Configure at to get Configuration screen.

Periodic Report set up options in Tally

At  Configuration screen, at Periodicity to use, select the Periodicity (e.g Weekly) from the list to show the periodic figures (and Bar Graph) as per Periodicity as set. 

Columnar Reports in Tally

Columnar Report is useful to show comparative data for multiple specified periods, within the Company (Intra-Company Periodical comparison) or different companies (Inter-Company  comparison)

Tally provides a specific set of Buttons to create / alter / delete additional columns to get figures for other period or other selected company in one compact report for comparison

Buttons for Columnar Reports in Tally

Columnar Reports set up in Tally

At the Report Display screen, Click C:New Column button  to get the New Column creation screen.

Columnar Report set up in Tally

You may create multiple columns for different companies or different period for comparison

Multi period columnar Report in Tally

At the column definition screen, at the From & To columns, specify the period for the New Column to get Inter Period  Columnar Report

Multi period Column Report of a Company

Multi Company columnar Report in Tally

At the Name of the Company, select the Company Name (from the list of currently selected companies) for which data is to be shown in the new Column, to get Multi Company columnar reports

Columnar report with columns for two companies

Reports Columns set up

  • Modifying Column Definition : To modify the definition of any column, at the Report screen, select the column to be modified (use Left & Right Arrow keys to move the cursor over the columns) and Click A: Alter Column button. You will get the column definition screen, where you may change the column definition (like Period, Company etc). Having edited the column definition, press  <enter> to get the report with changed figures as per changed column definition.
  • Deleting a Column : To Delete any column created by New Column button, at the columnar Report screen, select the column to be deleted (use Left & Right Arrow keys to move the cursor over the columns) and Click D:Del Column button. The selected Column will get removed in the Report.

Auto Repeat Columnar Reports in Tally

Apart from creation of specific defined column, you may auto-create multiple columns  to get compact report for Comparison  of figures for multiple periods (e.g Monthly, Quarterly etc) /  Multiple Open Companies.

Auto Repeat Column

Auto Repeating Columns set up in Tally

At the Report Display screen, Click N:Auto Column button to get Auto-Repeat column specification screen, to auto-create multiple columns (for multiple periods / Companies). At the field  Repeat Using,  select the desired option from the list, as below :

  • Multiple Period Columns : Select the auto repeating period (e.g Monthly), to create a column for each component of the period.
  • Multiple Company Columns : Select the option Company, to create a column for each selected Company.

Total Column : At Auto Repeat column specification screen, at the field Show Total :

  • Set Yes to show the first Column for Total of all the columns displayed in the Report.
  • Set No to show only the columns as per selected option (No Total Column is shown at the first column)

When you select a Company, you get a list of Selected Companies (so more than one  Company must have been selected), from which you may select a Company for the new Column.  The figures for each Company will be shown for the same period specified in respect of each company selected.

When you select a periodicity (Monthly etc), columns will be auto created for the repeating periodicity for the specified period (e.g if you specify a period of 6 months and periodicity Monthly, then 6 columns will be created for 6 months)

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