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Account Masters

After Company creation, the Account Masters are to be created first and organised as desired.  To maintain Basic Accounting System, create the following Masters.

Company creation के बाद सबसे पहले अपने  तरीके से Accounts Masters organise कर Masters create करना  है. Basic Accounting System के  लिए  सबसे पहले निम्नलिखित Accounts Masters create करे.

  • Account Groups : Account Groups are just convenient & systematic grouping of Ledger Accounts of similar nature. Account Group helps to present summarised Accounting Reports in systematic manner. The Account Group may be organised in multiple Levels to get accounting figures and report for each such sub level Groups.

Account Group एक  ही  प्रकार  के Ledger Account के  organisation है. Accounting Reports को Systematically orgasnised तरीके  से  प्रस्तुत  करने  के  लिए  Ledger Accounts को  Accounts Group में  organise किया  जाता  है.

  • Account Ledgers : Account Ledgers are entities representing similar transactions. For example, Travelling Expenses Ledger contains all transactions (vouchers) related to Travelling Expenses. The transactions of a Ledger account are summed up (Debit & Credit) and balanced (net Debit / Credit).

Account Ledger एक  Account से  सम्बंधित सभी  लेनदेन का record है. जैसे  की, Travelling Expenses के  Ledger में  Datewise Travelling Expenses के सारे  Transaction रहेंगे.

F-1A: Accounting Masters Type, GoT>Chart of Accounts

Select GoT>Chart of Accounts to get the Accounts Masters Types List (F-1A).

Accounts Master Type List के  लिए  GoT>Chart of Accounts select करे (F-1A).

Tally Prime – Chart of Accounts – Video in Hindi

Chart of Accounts in Tally prime – Hindi Video

Chart of Accounts in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Chart of Accounts in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Accounts Masters in Tally ERP 9 –  Hindi Video

Reserved Accounts Masters

During Company creation, Tally automatically creates 28 Reserved Account Groups and  2 Reserved Ledger Accounts. Select GoT>Chart of Accounts>Group to display list of all Account Groups.

Company creation के  समय, Tally automatically 28 Reserved Account Groups और  2 Reserved Ledger Accounts create  करता  है. Primary Account Group के alphabetical list display करने  के  लिए GoT>Chart of Accounts>Group select करे.

  • Reserved Groups : Tally creates 15 Primary Groups and 13 Sub-Groups (known as Reserved Groups) for each Company (F-2A).
  • Reserved Ledger Accounts : Tally also auto creates 2 Reserved Ledger accounts (Cash and Profit & Loss Account : F-1A). So, do not create any new ledger for these Ledger Accounts. All other Ledger Accounts are to be created.

Cash और Profit  Loss Ledger Account create न  करे, क्योकि Tally इसे  अपने आप Create कर लेते है (F-2D).

The Reserved Groups appear in Alphabetical order and the subordinate groups appear below the respective Reserved Group in hierarchical order. Reserved Account Group appear in Bold, subordinate Account Group appear in Normal Font and Ledger Accounts appear in Italics .

Reserved Account Group Bold में दीखते है, Created Group Normal Font में दीखते है, Ledger Accounts Italic Font में  दीखते है (F-2A to F-2D)

Tally Prime – Accounts Masters – Video in Hindi

Reserved Accounts Masters in Tally – Hindi Video

Reserved Accounts Masters in Tally – Video in English

Reserved Accounts Characteristics

To organise the Financial statements easily and correctly, Tally creates Reserved Groups for each Type of Accounts. We now explain Reserved Account Groups and nature of Accounts of each such Account Group.

3.1 Reserved Account Groups of Liabilities : The Groups of Liabilities of Balance Sheet are shown below:

Capital : It represents Capital and Reserves & Surplus of the Company.

  • Capital Account: Represents Owners Capital may be placed under Capital Group. Common example are Share (or Equity) Capital, Partners’ Capital Accounts, Proprietors Capital Account. Members Capital A/c etc. Separate Ledgers may be created for Equity Capital, Preference Capital A/c etc.
  • Reserves & Surplus: Represents Reserve Accounts like General Reserve, Capital Reserve, Investment Allowance Reserve, Share Premium Account etc.

Loans (Liabilities): Represents all loans taken (Borrowings) by Company. Tally further divides this Groups into following 3 reserved sub-groups for better organisation

  • Bank OD Accounts: While Current Bank A/c should be placed under Current Assets (explained later), Bank Overdraft and Cash/Credit Accounts availed under Hypothecation, Bill Discounting etc. operated on a day-to-day basis should be placed under this group.
  • Secured Loans: Debentures, Term Loans (Medium/Long term), Secured Loans taken from Banks, Financial Institutes etc. against security (like mortgage/ hypothecation, pledge etc) should be placed under this group.
  • Unsecured Loans: Loans from outside Parties, Directors, Friends and Relatives (without any collateral security), Deposits etc, should be placed under this group.

Current Liabilities : This Group normally constitutes a large number of Ledger Accounts and Sub Groups and is subdivided into following 3 sub-groups:

  • Duties and Taxes: This sub-group is for all Indirect taxes normally charged on Goods & Services, like GST etc.
  • Provisions: It is a place for all sorts of Provisions (like Provision for Bad Debts etc). However, Depreciation Provided should go under Fixed Assets (explained later).
  • Sundry Creditors: Ledger accounts of all Trade Creditors / Suppliers
  • Current Liabilities: It may contain all other liability accounts (not placed in any the above 3 groups), like Liabilities for Expenses, Employees contribution for ESI/PF, TDS realized etc.

Suspense Account : This may contain temporary Accounts containing transactions whose nature are not yet finally known.

Tally Prime – Reserved Accounts Groups of Liabilities – Video in Hindi

3.2 Reserved Account Groups of Assets

Fixed Assets : All Fixed Assets used for business over long period, like Immovable Properties (Land, Building), Rights (Patents, Trade Rights), Plant & Machinery, Vehicle etc, should be placed under this Group.

Investments : All Ledger Accounts related to Investments in Shares, Bonds, Govt. Securities and Investment in other companies.

Current Assets : It constitutes 6 Reserved Sub Groups: Stock-in-hand, Deposits (Assets), Loans & Advances (Assets), Cash-in-hand, Bank Accounts, Sundry Debtors.

  • Stock-in-hand: Ledger Accounts for Closing Stock under this group.
  • Deposits (Assets): Deposits made by the Company like Fixed Deposits, Security Deposits, Deposits with Electricity, Telephone dept, Deposits in other companies, Rental Deposits accounts etc. should be placed under this Group.
  • Loans and Advances (Assets): All Loans & Advances of non-trading nature given, like Advances against Salary, Loans to Employees, Advances to Fixed Assets Suppliers etc.
  • undry Debtors: All the Trade Customer Ledger Accounts.
  • Cash-in-Hand: It contains all types of Cash Accounts. Tally auto creates a Cash Ledger Account (Cash-in-Hand) under this group.
  • Bank Accounts: All Bank Accounts like Current Accounts, Savings Accounts etc, should be placed here.

Misc. Expenses (Asset) : For Limited Companies, Preliminary, Pre-operative and similar expenses (to the extent not written off to Profit & Loss A/cs) should fall here.

Tally Prime- Reserved Account Groups of Assets – Video in Hindi

Account Groups of Profit & Loss Account

  • Sales : All sorts of Trade Sales (Goods as well Services). Sale of Fixed Assets should not be included in Sale.
  • Direct Income : Accounts for direct Income other than those placed under Sales.
  • Indirect Income : All Incomes other than placed under the above two groups (like Rent, Interest, Commission, Dividend Income etc).
  • Purchase : All trade Purchases. Purchase of Fixed Assets should not be included in Purchase.
  • Direct Expenses: Accounts of Direct Expenses (like Carriage Inwards, Wages etc) considered for computing Gross Profit/Loss,.
  • Indirect Expenses : All expenses considered for computation of Net Profit/Loss only not included in the above Groups should be placed here.

सही  तरह  Accounts organise करने  के  लिए, Accounts के  nature के  rule के  अनुसार  Tally  में  Reserved Accounts के  group अपने  आप  create होता  है. एक  Reserved Group के  अंतर्गत  सभी  Ledger Accounts में  उसके  rules लागू  होते  है. इसलिए, नए  Account Group और  नए  ledger Accounts उपर्युक्त  Accounts Group के  nature के  अनुसार  सही  Account Group में  set कर  create करे.

Tally Prime- Reserved Account Groups of Income  – Video in Hindi

Tally Prime- Reserved Account Groups of Expenses  – Video in Hindi

Tally Prime : Chart of Accounts – Video in Hindi

Reserved Accounts in Tally – Video in English

Account Masters Creation

Create new Account Group or Account Ledger (in addition to the Reserved Groups or Ledgers auto-created by Tally on creation of a Company), as required. Select Gateway of Tally > Create to get Master Type list (F-1A).

नए  Account Master, जैसे  Account Group और  Ledger Account create करने  के  लिए Gateway of Tally > Create select करे और Master Type list पाए (F-1A).

Tally Prime- Master Account Master Creation  – Video in Hindi

Account Masters Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Account Masters Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Account Group

For a small company (or individual accounts), the Tally created Reserved account groups may be adequate, and you may not need to create new Account Groups. However, for better organization of larger number of accounts, new Account Groups need to be created. The Reserved Groups bear their own characteristics. The Ledger Accounts placed under these Groups inherit the  properties of the respective Reserve Group.

Tally पहले  से  Reserved Account Group create कर  लेते  है,  लेकिन  अपने  अनुसार  Chart of Accounts  संगठित (Organise) करने  के  लिए नए  Accounts Group बना  सकते  है.

4.1 Account Group Creation: Select GoT>Create>Group (F-1A). At Account Groups creation screen (F-4A), enter as follows  :

  • Account Group Name :  At Name, enter unique Account Group Name.
  • Parent Group:  At Under, select the Parent Group from List of Groups. The new Group would be placed under the selected Parent Group.

At other options, select No / Not Applicable. This way you can create a new Account Group under a Reserved Group or new created Group. This way create new Groups one by one (One Group at a time).

4.2 Account Group Creation Configuration

At Account Group Creation, Click F12: Configure and set the Configuration Options (F-4B)

Account Groups creation (F-3A)के लिए GoT>Create>Group selectकरे (F-1A). Account Group Creation Screen (F-3A), में Name field में Group Name enter करे और Under field में Parent (मूल ) Group Name select करे.  

Tally Prime- Master Account Group Creation  – Video in Hindi

Account Group Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Account Group Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Account Ledger

Select GoT>Create>Ledger (F-1A). At Account Ledger creation screen (F-4B), click F12:Configure, set the Configuration option (F-4A), and enter as follows (F-4B) :

Select GoT>Create>Ledger (F-1A) to get Account Ledger creation screen (F-5A). Now enter as follows :

  • Account Ledger Name :  At Name, enter the unique Name of the Ledger. This name will be printed in all internal records (like Ledger, Trial Balance etc) and will be available in drop down list for selection of Ledger.
  • Parent Group : At Under, select the Parent Group of the Ledger from List of Groups.

5.1 Account Ledger Creation Configuration

At Account Ledger creation screen (F-4A), click F12:Configure, set the Configuration option (F-4B).

Account  Ledger Creation Screen (F-5A), के लिए GoT>Create>Ledger selectकरे (F-1A). Name field में Ledger Name enter करे और Under field में Parent (मूल ) Group Name select करे.  

5.2 Creation of new Account Parent Group during Account Ledger Entry

During Account Group or Ledger Account entry , if you find that the parent group is not existing, press Alt+C at ‘Under’ field to get Account Group Creation (Secondary) screen . Create the parent Account Group and select the parent group at Under field in Group Entry /  Ledger Entry as usual.

Group या  Ledger Creation के  समय गैर-मौजूदा (Non-existing) Account Group create करने  के  लिए Under field में  Alt+C press कर  Parent Group भी  उसी  समय  create कर  सकते  है.

5.3 Ledger Opening Balance Entry

Enter Opening Balance (if you have set Yes at Provide Opening Balance for Ledgers at Ledger Configuration. The appropriate Dr / Cr would be carried as default for convenience. The cumulative Opening Balance (Debit & Credit) of all ledgers created are shown at the upper right corner, for information.

Ledger Configuration (F-4A) में Opening Balance set up (set Yes at Provide Opening Balance for Ledgers at Ledger Configuration- F-4A) किया  हो  तो  Ledger Opening Balance भी  entry कर  सकते  है.

Ledger Opening Balance Entry in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Ledger Opening Balance Entry in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

5.4 Cash Ledger Account Opening Balance Entry : Tally auto creates a reserved Ledger Account  Cash (under Group Cash-in-hand). So, you do not need to create any new Ledger Account for Cash Account. To enter Opening Balance of Cash Account, select GoT>Alter>Ledgers and then select Cash Account to get Cash Account Alteration screen. Now enter the Opening Balance of Cash Account at Opening Balance field, as explained.

Cash Ledger Account automatic Create होता  है. इसलिए, Cash Account का  Opening Balance के  लिए GoT>Alter>Ledgers से  Cash Ledger Account Alteration कर  Cash Account का  Opening Balance entry करे.

Tally Prime- Account Ledger Creation  – Video in Hindi

Tally Prime- Account Master Creation  – Video in Hindi

Account Ledger Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Account Ledger Creation in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Account Group Creation (Indirect method) in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

06 Alteration / Deletion of Account Master

To Alter or Delete any of the existing Account Group / Ledger, at Gateway of Tally :

  • Account Group : Select  GoT>Alter>Group (F-2B) and select the desired Account Group
  • Account Ledger : Select  GoT>Alter>Ledger>(F-2C), and select the desired Account Ledger

The selected Master record (Account Group / Account Ledger) appears in Alteration Mode (similar to creation screen).

  • Alteration : Now you may alter data of any field of the master record (Group or Ledger). Press Alt+A  to save the changes made.
  • Deletion : To Delete the Master Record, Press Alt+D and press Y at ‘Delete? Yes or No.’ to confirm Deletion.

Reserved Group Name and other properties can be altered, but its Parent Group cannot be Altered

Restriction on Deletion of Master : An Account Master (Group or Ledger) cannot be deleted in following cases:

  • Deletion of Account Group: An Account Group can not be Deleted, if there is any child ledger of the Group. The Tally created Reserved Group also cannot be deleted.
  • Deletion of Account Ledger : An Account Ledger can not be Deleted if it is transacted in a VoucherThe Tally created Reserved Ledger Accounts (Cash and P& L A/c) also cannot be deleted.

The Reserved Account Masters cannot be Deleted.

Account Group / Ledger Alteration के  लिए, GoT>Alter>Group, या  GoT>Alter>Ledger select कर  Alter या  Delete करनेवाले  Account Group या  Ledger Account  select करे. Alter करने  के लिए  field में  data change करे. Delete करने  के लिए  Alt+D press करे. Reserved Group या  Reserved Ledger Account Delete नहीं  कर  सकते. Voucher में  entry किया  हुआ  Ledger Account भी  Delete नहीं  कर  सकते.

Tally Prime – Alteration of Account Master

Tally Prime – Deletion of Account Master

Tally Prime – Accounts Master Operations

Alteration / Deletion of Account Master in Tally – Hindi Video

Alteration / Deletion of Account Master in Tally – Video in English

Some Common Ledger Accounts Creation

The entry of Account Group and Account Ledger are shown above. Here some Important Ledger Accounts creation screen with the Parent Account Group (Under) and other info are shown for guidance and understanding. To set the Ledger Account Configuration, click F12:Configure button at the right side Button Bar of Ledger creation screen and set the options as desired. To keep the things simple, set Yes at Provide Opening Balance in Ledger Accounts and set No at all other options.

यहाँ  कुछ  Important Ledger Account creation, उसके  Configuration और  Parent group, example के  तौर  पर  दिखा  रहे  है.

6.1 Owner Ledger Account Creation

F-6A: Owner Ledger Account Creation

6.2 Bank Ledger Account Creation

F-6B: Bank Ledger Account Creation

6.3 Supplier Ledger Account Creation

F-6C: Supplier Ledger Account Creation

6.4 Customer Ledger Account Creation

F-6D: Customer Ledger Account Creation

6.5 Sales Ledger Account Creation

F-6E: Sales Ledger Account Creation

6.6 Purchase Ledger Account Creation

F-6F: Purchase Ledger Account Creation

6.7 Income Ledger Account Creation

F-6G: Income Ledger Account Creation

6.8 Expense Ledger Account Creation

F-6H: Expense Ledger Account Creation

Account Master Display in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Account Master Operation from List of Accounts  in Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Account Master Display in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Account Master List Printing in Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Account Master – Key Points

  • हर  company के  लिए  28 Reserved Group और  2 Reserved Ledger Account auto create होते  है. हर  Reserved Group के  अपने चरित्र (characteristics) होते  है. नए  Account Group एक Reserved Group या  नया  created Account Group के  under ही  create कर  सकते  है. कोई  भी  Group के नीचे  के  सारे  Account Group और  Ledger Account के चरित्र (nature) एक जैसे  होंगे.
  • हर  Account Group / Ledger Account कोई  एक  Account Group के  नीचे  रहेगा
  • GoT>Chart of Accounts>Group में  Primary Group के  alphabetical order के  अनुसार  hierarchical structure में  Account Group list होते  है.
  • GoT>Chart of Accounts>Ledger में  Final Accounts के  structure (Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income) के  अनुसार  Account Group और  Ledger Account hierarchical order में  list होते  है. इसलिए  Ledger के  Chart of Accounts ज्यादा  उपयोगी  है.
  • नए  Account Group या  Ledger Account create करते  वक़्त, उसी  entry screen से  नया  parent (मूल) Account Group भी  एक  साथ  create कर  सकते  है.
  • छोटे और सरल Accounts  के  लिए, नए  Account group न  create कर, Tally created Reserved Group के  नीचे  ही  सारे  Ledger Account create कर  सकते  है. लेकिन Accounts के बेहतरीन ढांचा के लिए, जरूरत  अनुसार, नए  Account Group create करे.
  • Ledger creation के  समय  Ledger Opening Balance भी  entry करे. Ledger creation के  बाद  भी  Ledger Alteration से  Ledger Opening Balance entry कर  सकते  है. Cash Ledger Account Reserved Ledger Account है, जो  Company creation के  समय  ही  create हो  जाता  है. इसलिए  Cash Ledger Account के  Opening Balance Ledger Alteration से  entry  करे.
  • Chart of Accounts में  सिर्फ  Account Name, Alias Name show होते  है . Master में  entry किये  गए Opening Balance और  सभी  info के  Master List data  checking के  लिए , सही  तरह  से  chart of  Accounts  organise  करने के  लिए , reference  के  लिए , user को  बहुत  ही  जरूरत होती  है. लेकिन Tally से ऐसी Master list print नहीं  कर  सकते. 
  • Data Deletion भी Data Alteration से ही करे.
  • Account Master के  कोई  भी  field में  clipboard से  copy paste या  कोई  भी  field से  clipboard में  Copy (Ctl+C) या  Paste (Ctrl+V) कर  सकते  है . यानि  Account Master entry के  कोई  भी  data दूसरे  कोई  Application (Word, Text, Spreadsheet) से  Copy paste कर  entry / edit कर  सकते  है. वैसे  ही Accounts Master के  data Copy / Paste कर  दूसरे  application में  भी  copy / Paste कर  सकते  है .

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