Gateway of Tally Prime

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Gateway of Tally (GoT)

On creation of the first Company, Gateway of Tally (GoT) Screen appears (F-1A). The Gateway of Tally is the main entry point from where any part of the Tally can be accessed to perform any task.

कंपनी Create के बाद, GoT screen दिखाई देती है (F-1A). GoT स्क्रीन (screen) में, Main Menu / Top Menu Bar से कोई भी काम select कर सकते है. तब GoT के जगह,  उस काम का स्क्रीन मिलेगा.

F-1A : Gateway of Tally

Tally Prime – Gateway of Tally– Video in Hindi

Gateway of Tally ERP 9 – Video in Hindi

Gateway of Tally ERP 9 – English Video

Components of Gateway of Tally in Tally Prime

Each Component of Top Manu Bar (F-1B) are shown next

Tally Prime Top Bar Menu

F-1B: Horizontal Top Bar Menu

F-2: Top menu Bar options Details

  • License : At the first option, the License type (e.g EDU, Gold etc) is shown.
  • K:Company : For Creation, selection, connecting Company etc, and to set up Company (F-2A)

F-2A: Company menu in Tally PRIME

  • Y:Data : For Company Data management tasks, like Back Up, Restore, Split etc. To set default Data path (F-2B).

F-2B: Data menu in Tally PRIME

  • Z:Exchage : Data Synchronisation and its Configuration (F-2C).

F-2C: Exchange menu in Tally PRIME

  • G:Go To : To select and search Reports (F-2D). Most frequently used option. So, Initially the Cursor lands to GoTo tab.

F-2D: GoTo menu in Tally PRIME

  • O:Import : For Data Import and its configuration (F-2E)

F-2E: Data Import menu in Tally PRIME

  • E:Export : For Data Export and its configuration (F-2F)

F-2F: Data / Report Export menu in Tally PRIME

  • M:E-mail : For Reports e-mailing, e-mail set up and configuration (F-2G)

F-2G: E-Mail menu in Tally PRIME

  • P:Print : For Reports Printing & Printing Configuration (F-2H)

F-2H: Print menu in Tally PRIME

  • F1:Help : To access On-line Help (F-2I)

F-2I: Help menu in Tally PRIME

By default, the cursor lands first to G:GoTo Tab.

The options of each Tab of the Top Menu Bar are shown to get overview of Tally Prime (F-2). The details of each options and tasks are explained in relevant place

Tally Prime – Top Menu Bar– Video in Hindi

Gateway of Tally Main Area

Just below the Top Bar, the Gateway of Tally Main area is Tally Main (F-1A) is divided into following parts.

  • Current Status : Left Part is about the Current status (Current Period, Current Date, currently Active & Selected Companies (F-1A / F-3A to F-3C)
  • Tally Main Menu : Right part shows the current Tally Main Menu. On selection of any option at Main menu, the relevant task screen (or a sub Menu in place of Main Menu) appears.
  • Vertical Button Bar : At the right part, vertical button bar appears, which keeps changing according to the selected task.
  • Main Area: Menu Bar के नीचे टैली मुख्य क्षेत्र को दो भागों में विभाजित है (F-1A)
  • Current Status : बायीं ओर वर्तमान स्थिति (Current Period, Current Date, Selected Companies) दिखता है ((F-1A/ F-3A to F-3C)
  • GoT Main Menu : दाईं ओर GoT Main Menu दिखता है. Main Menu या  Top Bar के  कोई  भी  option select करने  से  वह  screen (या  Main menu के  जगह  उसके  sub menu) देखे  देता  है 

Tally Prime – GoT Main Area– Video in Hindi

Tally ERP9 Vertical Buttons – Video in Hindi

Tally ERP9 Vertical Buttons – Video in English

 Current Period & Date Setting

During working, set the Date and Period as follows:

  • Current Date setting : Press F2 key and enter the Current Date for voucher entry Date (F-3A).
  • Current Period setting : Press Alt+F2 key to get the Change Period screen. Enter the From & To Date set the Current Period (F-3B)

Current Date & Current Period as set are Displyed at the top left of Gateway of Tally (F-1A).

काम करने के दौरान, Current Date ओर Current Period निम्न प्रकार से set करें :

  • Current Date: F2:Date बटन दबाएं और Voucher Date entry के लिए Current Date set करें (F-3A).
  • Current Period: Alt+F2 key दबाएं और From और To Date entry करें (F-3B)

Tally Prime – Current Date & Current Period – Video in Hindi

Date & Period set up in Tally ERP9 Vertical – Video in English

Tally Calculator

Press Ctrl+N (this button is not visible) anywhere in Tally Prime. The Calculator panel will appear (F-4A) at bottom. Type arithmetic expression using  + (addition), – (Subtraction), * Multiplication), / (Division).  To group the operators, use parenthesis ( ) pair. Typing wrong expression or wrong grouping would produce error message. Use up / Dn arrow keys to move to any line, copy / paste formula / results. Press <Enter> to get the result of the arithmetic expression typed.

You may enter a series of calculation one after another. The previous ones will also remain visible. You may move the cursor to any previous line and make editing in the formula and recompute. Press Ctrl+N again (or click on the cross button at the right end of Calculator panel) to hide the Calculator panel.

F-4A: Tally Calculator

Tally Prime में कोई  भी  जगह  Ctrl+N type करे. Last line में  Tally Calculator पैनल  दिखेगा .Calculation का  formula type कर <enter> press करे. Next line में  Calculation का  result दिखेगा.

Calculator हटाने (Hide) के  लिए  फिर  Ctrl+N type करे  (या  Calculator panel में  X पर  click करे ).

Tally Prime Calculator – Video in Hindi

Tally ERP 9 Calculator Activation – Video in Hindi

Using Tally ERP 9 Calculator – Video in Hindi

Tally ERP 9 Calculator Activation – Video in English

Using Tally ERP 9 Calculator – Video in English

Closing & Exiting Tally

To exit from Tally, at GoT (F-1A), select Quit or press <Esc> key or click on rightmost upper Cross (x) button (F-5A). A confirmation screen ‘Quit Yes or No’ appears (F-5B). Click Yes (Press Y) to exit from Tally, else press N to continue to work with Tally.

टैली से निकलने के लिए, GoT (F-1A) पर, Quit select करें, या <Esc> key दबाएं, या दाईं ओर सबसे ऊपरी Close क्रॉस (x) बटन पर क्लिक करें (F-5A). एक Confirmation screen Yes or No या दिखाई देगा (F-5B). टैली से बाहर निकलने के लिए Yes क्लिक करें, अन्यथा टैली के काम जारी रखने के लिए No क्लिक करें.

Tally Prime – Closing & Exiting – Video in Hindi

Tally Prime – Gateway of Tally – Hindi Video

Closing & Exiting from Tally ERP 9 – Hindi Video

Closing & Exiting from Tally ERP 9 – Video in English

Gateway of Tally- Key Points

  • GoT: गेटवे ऑफ टैली (GoT), टैली में काम शुरू करने का मुख्य द्वार है.
  • Current Period & Current Date: Current Period & Date GoT में ऊपरी बाईं ओर दिखता है. Current Period  और Date के नीचे सभी Selected Company के नाम दिखतेहै.
  • Company Selection : कई  Company एक  साथ  selected रख  सकते  है, लेकिन  सिर्फ  currently काम  करनेवाले  Company ही  selected रखे. बाकी कंपनी Shut करे. Company Select कर उसके अनुसार Current Period set करे, नहीं तो Data सही  रूप  से  दिखाई  नहीं  देखा.
  • Top Horizontal Menu: हर स्क्रीन में हर समय शीर्ष (Top Horizontal) Menu दिखाई देगा.
  • Exit Tally : Tally से  exit करते  ही  सभी  selected company के  साथ  Tally भी  close हो  जाएँगी
  • Tally Calculator : कोई  भी  जगह  से  Ctl+N press करने  से  last लाइन के  Calculator पैनल (F-4A) में calculation  formula  type करे . Calculated result display होगा. Calculator Panel  में पहले  का  calculation भी  दीखता  है. Up / Dn Arrow key से  पहले  का  calculation line में  move कर  उसे  Copy (Ctrl+C) / Paste (Ctrl+V) कर  सकते  है .

टैली कैलकुलेटर केवल Basic Arithmetic Calculation कर सकता है। Index, Power, Factorial जैसे Calculation नहीं किया जा सकता. इसलिए, टैली कैलकुलेटर के माध्यम से Interest, Depreciation, Present Value, Future Value, Annuity, EMI जैसे Business Calculation नहीं कर  सकता.  अपना कैलकुलेटर बनाने के बजाय, यह बेहतर होगा कि टैली एक  versatile external Calculator  offer करे ,  जैसे कि दूसरे  Financial Accounting Systems करते हैं।

Hot Key Conflicts

Some  Hot Key Combinations (e.g Alt+z, Alt+R etc., in some places) may conflict with the hotkeys of the operating system and you may get unexpected results. So, better move the cursor on the desired option and press <enter>) or click, rather than using the hot key combination.

Gateway of Tally – Frequently Asked Questions

Gateway of Tally in Tally ERP9 – PDF