Tally Prime – Work from Home Project

Tally PRIME, is the most popular Accounting System for Small & medium Enterprises in India. So, there is good Job and career Opportunity who knows Tally.  For persons with some work experience with tally PRIME, there is still bigger and wider opportunity.

dVIDYA provides good opportunity to enhance your knowledge in Tally Prime in business application. dVIDYA Project will help you to get Job in Tally or better opportunity in your career, and also EARN MONEY, by doing Part Time freelancing job, at your home, at your convenience.

Tally PRIME Project

We create Project contents for business and Learners for Tally Prime (visit dvidya.com, or dvidya.com/tallyprime)

We will give specific small project work (a specific task or Problem) for Tally PRIME.  You should have your own Computer with latest release of Tally PRIME (even Educational version will do) installed, to do the Project work.

Project work process

  • Capture screen shot: You will enter data and capture the screenshot (.png) necessary to execute the given Project, for each and every step (e.g Separate for each field entry). You will number the screen shots serially for each task component. 
  • Record Audio : Now looking at each screen shot, you will record Audio (.mp3) for each screen shot in your smartphone, explaining  the meaning, purpose, effect, detailed entry steps and all relevant information of the step, in HINDI.
  • Filenames : You will pair the screenshots (.png) and Audio (mp3) files. This means that the filename of the screen shot (png) and the corresponding Audio file (.mp3) will be same, with one to one correspondence. You will sequentially organise the screen shots, numbered serially, according to process flow.
  • Email the Files : You will zip and email the image files (.png) and the paired Audio Files (.mp3) to dvidyamail@gmail.com. In the email subject line, you will write your Name and Project Name.
  • Data Verification : We will check the files, We may ask you to carry out necessary modification, as needed. The time for each Project will be pre fixed on consultation with you. You must complete the work according to time schedule.
  • Payment : Having completed a Project, we will pay you for the Project. The remuneration is normally based on number of screen shots take (i.e number of .png/.mp3 files). The amount will be deposited into your bank account, within 3-7 days.
  • Copyrights : The data submitted by you will become our exclusive property, as if these were created by us. You will not deliver the data in any form to any other person, nor use or publish in any form in any media.

Excited ? Click on the link https://dvidya.com/contact/ Just fill up your particulars. We will contact you.