Stock Item Godown Masters in Tally

Stock Item Godown Master creation in Tally

Select Inventory Info > Godowns to get Godown Master Menu.

Godown Master Menu in Tally

Select Create at Single Godown to get Godown Entry screen  and enter the following particulars.

Godown Creation in Tally

Advanced Entries in Godown Master : If you have set Yes at Allow Advanced Entries in Master  under Inventory section, at Masters Configuration (At GoT>F12:Configue>Accts Inventory Info), you may enter the following additional details (advanced options) also at Godown entry screen

Godown Address: At Godown Master Configuration screen, set Yes at Use Godown Address. Consequently, at Godown Entry screen, you may enter the Godown Address in multiple lines.

Godown Master Configuration in Tally

  • Godown Type : At  Allow Storage of Materials :
  • Physical Godown :  Set Yes when materials are stored in the Godown (to select the Godown in Inventory Voucher entry).
  • Virtual  Godown Set No if no materials are not stored in the Godown directly (it  is used to Organise Godowns, like Godown Group) and the Godown will not appear in the selection list during voucher entry.
  • Third Party Stock : According to the purpose of  keeping third party stock in Physical Godown,   set as follows:
  • Own Stock with Third Party : If own stock is kept with third Party, then set Yes at Our Stock with Third party,  else set No
  • Third Party Stock in Own Godown : If third Party stock is kept in own Godown, then set Yes at Third Party Stock with Us,  else set No

Opening Stock Godown details entry in Tally

We have explained entry of Opening Stock Details at Stock Item Master. When Godown is activated, on entry of Opening Stock Quantity for an Item, you get a sub screen to enter Godownwise details of Opening Stock as follows:

  • Godown Name: At Godown column, select the Godown from the list of Stockable Godowns .
  • Godown Quantity: At Quantity column, enter the Quantity (and Quantity UoM) of Opening Stock for the Godown.
  • Godown Stock Rate:  At Rate column, enter the Rate (and Rate UoM at per field) of Opening Stock for the Godown.
  • Godown Stock Value:  At Amount column, the computed value (Rate X Quantity) is shown (which you may change).

Godown Opening Stock entry in Tally

Stock Item Godown Master Display  in Tally

Select Inventory Info > Godowns > Display at Single Stock Godown to view details of any Godown Master. Select the Godown from List to view (like Godown Entry screen, but you can not modify any data).

Stock Item Godown Master Alteration / Deletion in Tally

Select Inventory Info > Godowns > Alter at Single Stock Godown to alter any Godown Master data. Select the Godown to alter from List. Carry out the Alteration and press Ctrl+A to save. To Delete the Godown, press Alt+D, and click Yes at Delete Yes or No?  to confirm Deletion (the Godown  cannot be deleted if it has a child Godown or it has been referred in any Voucher or Opening Stock details.

Multiple Mode Stock Item Godown Entry in Tally

In Single Mode entry, you can enter only one Godown record at a time, in one screen. To create several Godown records in on screen, select Create at Godown Master Menu  at Multiple section to get Multiple Godown Entry screen .

The process of Godown Entry in Multiple Mode is smilar to Stock Item, Stock Category etc.

Parent Godown : At Under Godown,

  • Select the Parent Godown under which you like to create new Godowns (useful to create new Godown under same Parent Godown), or
  • Select All Item (useful to create new Godown under any parent Godown)

Now enter for each new Godown to be created, as follows:

  • Godown Name : At Name column, enter the Godown Name
  • Parent Godown : AtUnder column, select the Parent Godown (or select Primary to create new Godown at Primary level).

Multiple Godown Entry screen

Multi Level Stock Item Godown creation in Tally

So far, we have discussed about Physical Godowns, where Stock is actually kept. These Godowns are listed in Voucher Entry for selection. However, in many cases, Virtual Godowns are created just to organise numerous Godowns at different Levels (Like Stock Group / Stock Category is used to organize Sock Items 

For example, A Company has Godowns / Warehosues in different parts of the country. It likes to maintain Godown stock of the Items organised according to State, District & City. First Organise the Godown according to States, Districts & Cities.

  • Now first create  Top Level Godown (Primary) for each State (e.g Orissa, Bihar etc). At under field, select Primary .
  • Now create second level Godown for each District .  At Under field, select the State Level Godown.
  • Next create third level Godown for each City .  At under field, select the District Level Godown.

Set No at Allow Storage of Materials for such Godowns (as these Godowns are Virtual Godown used to organise the actual Godown as per District).

Multilevel Godown Creation in Tally

The virtual Godowns may be created in a single physical location with Virtual Godown as identifier of individual section of Godown .  Set No at Allow Storage of Materials, as goods are not stored in such Godowns).

Virtual & Physical Godowns creation in Tally 

Finally create the storage godowns where the materials are actually stored. At Under field, select the District Level Godown. Set Yes at the option Allow Storage of Materials for such Stockable Godowns

Stock Item Godowns List Display in Tally

At GoT>Display>List of Accounts, Click O:Godowns to get complete Godown list in hierarchical structure. The Virtual Godowns (No is set at Allow Storage of Materials )  are shown in Bold while Physical Godowns (Yes is set at Allow Storage of Materials ) are shown in Normal font .

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