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GST Reports

Q. How to ensure correctness of GSTR-1 Reports before Filing ?

A. Select GSTR-1 from GoT>Display More Reports>GST Reports> GSTR-1. Press F2:Period and set the Report period (Month / Quarter). At the report header part, check that the Voucher Count against the line Uncertain Transaction (correction needed) is zero, otherwise, Voucher data is incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent. First rectify all inconsistent vouchers. The figures of these inconsistent vouchers are in included in the Report. So, the Report is not yet correct.

Down through the Uncertain Transaction line at the header. The list of Nature of mistakes with respective voucher counts appear. Follow the messages and continue to drill down further for each type of mistake to get the voucher in Edit Mode. Now rectify the mistake.

On rectification, the voucher will be removed from Inconsistent Voucher list and its figure will be included in main report under proper head.

Next, compare the figures un der each element and column with Accounts records. When they reconcile, you may proceed to file the GSTR-1 Return.