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GST Invoicing

Q. How to print Multiple Invoices with proper identifier, or reprint specific Invoice copy with respective identifier

A. GST rule offers to print multiple copies invoice, with proper distictive identifier printed on Invoice. The process and rules to print desired number of copies with identifiers. First enter number of Copies to be printed. Tally prints following identifiers on respective copy of Invoice

First Copy: Original for Recipient.

Second Copy: Triplicate for Supplier

Subsequent Copies: Extra Copy

Notice that Duplicate Copy (normally intended for Transporter) is not printed in regular way.

To print Invoice with Identifier for Transporter, at Printing screen, click C:Configure button, at Print Configuration screen, which initally shows some options only, select Show More (at the header option) to get complete list of options. Scroll through the options list. Under the head Printer setting, set Yes at Print Transporrter copy. Press Ctrl+A to save the Configuration changes.

Now at Print screen Click I:preview (to prview the Invoice befor perining) or Click P:Print to print the Invoice. Now you will get the seond copy marked as Duplicate for Transporter.

After prinitng the current Invoice, the Configuration option would get reset to default. So, to print Duplicate copy of Invoice, you will have to set the Configuration opton each time. A difficult task for Organsiation, who likes to print Transporte copy  for some Invoices only (when goods are sent through Transporter), as he has to change the Configuration setting frequently and there is chnce of making mistake (Transporter copy NOT printed when it should have been printed) and Transporter Copy Prited (when it should not have been printed)

To reprint a particular copy of Invoice with respective identifier, at Number of Copies, set 1 and then select the Type of Copies (Duplicate for Transporter would be printed only when the Configurtaion otion for Tasnporter Copy is set to yes as explained and select Duplicate at Type of Copy.