Financial Scenarios in Tally

Scenarios are simulated Financial models like Forecast, Projection or Estimation with different parameters and conditions.

Financial Scenario Activation

Click F11: Features > Accounting Features to get Accounting Features screen. Under the section Budges & Scenario Management, Set Yes at Use Reversing Journals and Optional Voucher, to activate Scenario Features for the Company. Consequently, the option Scenario gets activated at Accounts Info menu

Financial Scenario Creation

Select Accts Info > Scenarios  to get  Scenario  Menu .

Financial Scenarios Menu in Tally

At Scenario  Menu. At  At Scenario  Menu, select  Scenario  to get Scenario creation screen

Scenario Creation in Tally

At Scenario creation screen , enter as follows

  • Scenario Name: At Name, enter the Scenario Name.
  • Actuals  : At Include Actuals :
    • Set  Yes to Include the Regular Vouchers also  in Scenario Report (apart from Voucher Types selected under Include Head)
    • Set  No to Exclude  the Regular Vouchers Voucher Types. Only Optional / Memorandum Voucher Types as selected under Include Head, will be considered in Scenario Report.
  • Voucher Types : Select the Voucher Types for exclusion / inclusion of Scenario. Except for Memorandum and Reversing Journals, only Optional voucher types will be available in Voucher Type selection list.
    • Include Voucher Types : At Include, select the voucher types (one after another) from the list of Voucher Types, that you like to include in the scenario.
    • Exclude Voucher Types : At Exclude, select the voucher types that you like to exclude in the scenario.

Reversing Journal Voucher in Tally

Reversing Journals are Journal Voucher which may be optionally included in a Financial Report.

To create Reverse Journal Voucher , select Accounts Vouchers and click F10:Rev.Jrnl button to get Reverse Journal entry screen. The process of Reverse Journal Voucher Entry is similar to Journal Voucher Entry.

At Applicable Upto field, enter the date upto which the reverse Journal would be included in scenario reports.

Reversing Journal creation

Financial Scenario Reports in Tally

Having created Scenario & Vouchers (including Memorandum Vouchers, Reversing Journal, Optional Vouchers etc) to be included in Scenario, you may get the scenario figures in a new column in a Report (where available) for comparison.

Trial Balance  Display with Scenario columns

At the respective Report  Display screen, click New Column button to get column details screen. At Column Details screen ,

Scenario Column set up

At Type of Values to Show, select the scenario from the list. Next select the Account Group

Scenario Selection

Group Summary with Scenario and Budget Figures

Group Summary with Budget & Scenario figures

Financial Scenario Configuration in Tally

At the Report Display screen , click  F12:Configure to get the Configuration screen of the respective Report. Now  set following  the options specific to Budgets / Scenarios

Group Summary  Scenario Configuration

Percentage Type selection : At Type of %, select the percentage Base, from the list

Group Summary  Scenario percentage Type selection

Value Type selection  :  At Type of Value to Show, select the Value Type from the list 

Group Summary  Scenario Value Type set up

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