Data Migration from Tally ERP 9 to Tally PRIME

In some  upgradation of Tally, the internal data structure changes in the new version. The Data of Newer version Company cannot be opened by the older version of Tally. In such case, the data of older version has to be migrated to newer version.  So, you should install such new software version in separate data path. Both versions will co-exist in your computer. Load the respective version of Tally to open the compatible data version Company.

Tally PRIME is revamped new version of old Tally ERP9. The Tally Dashboard as well as the Data Files are different. If you have been using Tally ERP 9, then there are 2 options for you to move from ERP9 to PRIME.

  • Install Tally PRIME and migrate the old ERP 9 Companies data to PRIME data structure. Continue to use Tally PRIME only (ERP9 cannot be used any more on migrated data to PRIME)
  • Keep old ERP9 software and ERP data as it is. Install Tally PRIME in a new data Path. So, you will have both Tally ERP9 and Tally PRIME in your computer. Work with old Companies with  ERP9 and newly created with Tally PRIME

But if you open old ERP 9 Company with Tally PRIME, the ERP9 data would get converted to PRIME format and you can open that Company with PRIME only

So, while principally discussing about Tally PRIME, we will also explain Tally ERP9 for your convenience.

We now explain Data Migration form ERP9 to PRIME for old users. New users first time working with PRIME, may skip this paragraph

Data Migration from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime

When you load Tally PRIME, the list of Compnaies in default directory will appear. To open ERP9 company from another Path, select Specify Path  (if the Company Data Path is known), or select ‘Select from Drive ’ (Company Data Path is not known) and select the Data Path. The Company Name in selected Data Path will appear.

You will find a note “Migration Required’ against the ERP 9 Company Name, indicating that data of these Company are still in ERP9 Format. Such old Tally ERP 9 data cannot be opened directly by Tally Prime. On selection of such Company Data in Tally PRIME, the Migration options will appear. The steps of Opening Old Tally ERP 9 data in Tally PRIME and migration to Tally Prime are explained next.

Old (ERP9) Company  selection in Tally PRIME  At Top Main Menu Bar, at K:Company Menu . select the ERP 9  Company (showing Migration Required) from default data directory.  Select Company from the list . All the existing Companies in the selected Data Path would be displayed. Now select the desired ERP 9 Company from the list.

On selection of old ERP 9 data Company from list, (indicated by Migration Required), Data Migration screen will appear.

You may optionally click C:Configure button to set up Data Migration Configuration

To keep Data Back Up of the Company before Migration, set Yes at Back Up of the Company before Migration and enter Back Up Destination Path.

Click R:Migrate Button. The ERP 9 format Data will be converted to Prime Format. If Data Back Up Configuration is specified and Back Up Company data before Migration is set to Yes, then old ERP9 Format data would be saved into the specified Back Up Path .

Key Steps:

  • Select Company in ERP Format (Migration Required) from respective folder
  • Message will prompt to convert data into PRIME format. Set Migration Configuration options
  • Old Back Up Data will be stored in the specified Back Up Data path.
  • Migrated data would be overwritten in the same data Path.

Now the indicator Migration Required will not appear against the Migrated Company (F-3B)

List of Companies in Data Path

Having migrated data from old Tally ERP9 to Tally PRIME, you may proceed to work with the Company, as explained next.

Data Migration to Tally Rel 3.0

Data created in Tally prime 2.x cannot be opened in Tally 3.0 The data has to be migrated first to Tally 3.0 format. The data migrated to Tally3.0 cannot be opened by earlier Tally Prime 2.x (or  by Tally ERP9). So, Tally Prime should be downloaded and installed in separate Data Path. The older version of Tally Prime should remain installed as it is. The older data of Tally Prime 2.x should be opened with older Tally 2.x software.

Tally Data folders created in Tally 3.0 are numbered in 6 digits starting from 100000 (instead of 5 digits starting from 10000 in Earlier version).

When you work with Tally Prime 3.0, the older data of Rel 2.x will show Migration required. If you open the Company of Older version (rel 2.x), the Data would be converted to Tally rel 3.0 format and a new folder will be created with 6 digit number. So, data of both version will remain separate with distinct folder numbers. You can open old Data with older version of Tally 2.x and new format data with Tally 3.0.

The words migrated to 3.0 is added to the old data folder name for identification. You may remove these words from Data Folder name to use the data with older version. The migrated Data set of 3.0 version and old data set of earlier 2.x are separate and not connected. So, any changes made in any of the version, will not be reflected in other version. So, after migration, you should use the migrated Company Data only. If you are migrating data in middle of financial year, first make sure which version you want to use for rest of the Financial Year.

Tally Rel 3,0 offers advanced Data Migration features, like Data Migration & Repair Summary, View and resolve data errors on Data during migration,