Company Data path Planning and Set up  in Tally

Company Data Path in Tally

When you create a new Company in tally, the new Company is stored at the Default data path as shown at the first Field Company Data Path. This is simple and easy, when Accounts of one Company is maintained in Tally.

But gradually over time, the organisation may maintain several Company Data, like Personal Accounts, Proprietorship Firm Accounts, Partnership Firm Accounts, Company Accounts, Independent Accounts of Branches, Offices etc.  A Tally Data folder is created for such Accounts. For each Financial Year, a separate Tally Data Folder would be created.  So, a lot of Tally data folders get crowded in a data path.

In such a case, the enterprise should pre-plan about how the Data would be stored and organised in the Computer, before  creation of new Companies.

Keeping All data in one place has its own risks. All companies list would be visible to anyone working with Tally, alongwith the data location.

Tally Data Path & Data Folder Name

Before planning data Path, you should understand the rules about how Tally allots data Folder Name at the time Company creation. This is mostly unwritten and undocumented, known to Tally experts, but is Important aspect in orgnaising and planning Tally data in Computer.

Tally Data Path

The Data path Name can be set by users. Give clear and meaningful Data Path Name to indicate the Companies Data placed under the data Path.

Company data path may be planned according to : 1. Company Name (Data of all Financial Year in same Data Path identified by Company name; 2. Financial Year (Data of all Companies for each Financial Year in separate Data Path identified by Financial Year. 3. Separate Data Path for each Company and Financial Year.

This way, you may organise the Data into Multiple data path 

in several ways, according to your need, convenience and number of Data Folders maintained. Each plan has its own advantages and limitations.

Tally Data Folder

At the time of Company creation, Tally auto assigns a numeric number to the Data Folder generated by Tally.

In each data Path, Tally assigns consecutive numbered data Folder Name, starting from 10000, for each Company. As the number starts with 10000 for each data path, the same Data Folder number would be assigned to multiple Companies. The Data folder name is a mere number, apparently not revealing which Company it relates to. So, you should carefully note down Company details of each Data Folder. Otherwise, data of one company may mistakenly get overwritten, mixed up and lost.

Tally Data Folder Access

All data Folder, under all data Path, are accessible to everyone, through the Operating System, without the need of passwords set within Tally. Any data folder may be moved, deleted, or the number changed.

Tally Data Folder Contents

Each data Folder contains several data files in sync. Damage, loss or willful external change of any file in the folder may be caused, rendering the entire set of data unusable. Tally may NOT open the Company. Users would not be able to recover the data.