Tally Training Support Service Centres

dVidya FREE Job Oriented Training on Tally Accounting Software

dVidya provides free resources of Job Oriented Practical Training, On-line Test, On-line Interview and Work from Home opportunities on Tally Accounting Software. Though all resources from dVidya is FREE, trainees often need Computer resources and support services from Cyber café/ Tally Training Institutes for practical work.

Computer Resources: Some Students do not have their own computer resources for learning. Such trainees need to hire Computer (with Tally PRIME FREE Educational Version installed in the Computer) from Cyber Cafes to learn and practice using dVidya FREE learning resources.

Support Services : Apart from Computer resources, Trainees often need support from Teachers / Training Institutes, for understanding, doubts clearing, execute the  practical assignments.

Earning Opportunities by Cyber Café / Tally Training Institutes

dVidya provides opportunities for Teachers and Training Institutes to earn from services provided to Trainees. They collect the services fees directly from Students and retain the entire money with them. dVidya does not share any revenue earned on such services.

Interested Training Institutes / Teachers to provide such support services may email to dvidyamail@gmail.com providing details of their training facilities. dVidya enrolls centres with proper infrastructure and training personnel for support service to Trainees.

Tally Training Support Service – Key points

The salient points in respect of Service Providers are listed here, which will help the centres to understand their roles, method of providing services and Earnings.

Cyber Café : Cyber Café would provide Computer Resources. dVidya trainees do not constantly need Internet (Tally runs on standalone Computer without Internet), but sometimes they may need Internet (e.g to send Assignments / Project  data files to dVidya). The computer must be preloaded with latest version of Tally Educational version (Freely downloadable from tallysolutions.com website)

Intending Cyber Café  may provide details of the service centre, location, Computer resources available, use charges (per hour) with Internet & without Internet.

Tally Training Institutes: Apart from providing Computer Resources, Tally Training Institutes can provide comprehensive support services like, guiding and helping candidates through Doubts Clearing, executing Practical assignments, Project work. etc.

Intending Tally Training Institutes may provide the details of available facilities of Computer, Internet, persons trained in Tally Accounting Software, and service charges for providing Support services to candidates, on Hourly basis.

Promote the Service in Local Area

After a service centre is officially enrolled, the service centre  will locally promote their services. dVidya will also enlist the details of enrolled service providers, in their website.

Rendering of Services

The service centre will provide services to the candidates and charge as per services rendered (on hourly basis). The centre will fully retain all earnings received from Candidates.

Methodology of Service

dVidya does not provide any curriculum based, or time based training Course. Aim of dVidya is to encourage candidates to self learn from various learning resources provided by dVidya FREE of Cost. However, practice oriented learning (like Accounting Software) needs guidance & hands on support. The centres would fill up the gap of providing practice oriented support services.

For learning, The candidates would follow web based tutorials and Printed books published / recommended by dVidya. Candidates are encouraged to study and do the practical assignments themselves. Those who do not have their own Computer will take the services of Cyber Café, for running Tally on Computer.

However, many of the candidates would require help from expert Tally Teachers, for clarification, practical assignments and Project Work. So, majority of candidates will need computer resources as well as support services, from Tally Training Institutes, and pay for the services received.

Methodology of Learning by Trainees

Learning : Trainees will access all digital resources from dVidya website which includes numerous Video & Audio Tutorials. They may buy Printed Books recommended by dVidya from Booksellers or Training Institutes and follow the Text & Audio Visual Tutorials, FAQ, Question/ Answer, Practical Assignments, published in the website / Printed Books. After completion of Practical Assignments, candidates will appear at On -line Interview conducted by dVidya.

Certificate: Having cleared the on-line Interview, successful candidates would be awarded a digital certificate, which may be printed from a print center or attach / link with their CV.

Work from Home Jobs

After issue of Certificate, the Candidate would be offered on line Job (Work from Home) for:

  • Study Materials : To develop Study materials (contents for Tally Tutorials)
  • Projects on Tally : To develop industry oriented projects on Tally
  • On-line Support Services :  To provide on line support services to remote Trainees of dVidya

Earning by Candidates

Learning & Earning : dVidya rewards good work of  Practical Assignments done by Candidates. dVidya may offer special Wok Assignments to deserving candidates, guide them and Reward for their work, even before completion of Training (i.e before Issue of Certificate)

Work From Home Job : After clearing on-line Job Interview and issue of Certificate, dVidya may offer Project Assignments. The complete details of such projects and the remuneration would be published in the website from time to time. Candidates may select Projects and get assignments from dVidya. On completion of the Project correctly, remuneration would be credited to their Bank Account directly.

After completion of one Project, candidates may select next available project. There is no fixed time of work. Candidate may complete Work from Home Projects as per their own free time. However, the Projects must be completed within the agreed time.

For any queries, email to dvidyamail@gmail.com.