Accounts Voucher Class in Tally

Accounts Voucher class is predefined template with specified computation rules & Masters.

Accounts Voucher class helps for quick and correct entry of regular repetitive transactions. In Accounts Voucher Class, the Masters and rules may be pre defined in to automate data entry, to save time ensuring accuracy.

Accounts Voucher Class in Tally

Voucher Class is a pre-defined Voucher Type Profile that helps to automate & expedite voucher entry and minimize errors. Thus, Voucher Class is pre configured template with defined Accounting entities. Voucher Class enables the administrator to set the controls on data entry.

According to nature of transactions and Features activated, Accounting entities (like Account Groups, Ledgers, Cost Centres etc) & Allocation / Computation rules may be may be pre-set. Some of the uses of Voucher Class are:

  • Automatically select a ledger account (or propose a specified ledger for quick selection) in voucher entry. In Payment / Receipt / Contra voucher, you may pre set Cash / Bank Accounts
  • Automatically compute Tax, Duty and other allocations (in case of computed amount in Invoicing)
  • Automatically round off  computed figures as per rounding off rules
  • Automatically allocate to Cost Centres as per pre-defined values (for Cost Categories)

Voucher Class ensures fast and correct data entry, saves computations in vouchers, and provides more security (in some cases, the data modification is prevented).

Here, we show simple examples of using Voucher class for Payment, Receipt & Contra Voucher Types, to pre-set the Cash Bank Ledger Accounts, through Voucher Class. For each Voucher Type, you may create multiple voucher classes.

Using the Voucher class, the entry screen appears in Single Mode only (even if you have set No at Use Single Entry Mode for Payment, Receipt & Contra at Voucher Entry Configuration).

Accounts Voucher Class for Cash Vouchers in Tally

In case of Cash Voucher (i.e Voucher Types in which a Cash / Bank Ledger Accounts MUST be transacted), you may pre-set the Cash / Bank Account for each Voucher Type

During voucher entry, the pre-set Ledger Accounts would be auto carried. For example, in payment Voucher, you may create separate Voucher Class for payments made from each Cash / Bank Account, viz . Petty Cash Payment Voucher, Cash Payment Voucher, SBI Payment Voucher, HDFC Payment Voucher etc., for faster, error free & in a standardized process, reflecting a certain type of transactions.

The Payments tasks may be divided / distributed amongst several persons through separate Voucher Class, for better control and consistency.

In the same way, you may create several Receipt Vouchers, for each Cash / Bank Account or nature of transaction.

In contra voucher, you can specify voucher class for each transaction type, Cash Withdrawn from HDFC Bank, Cash Deposited to HDFC Bank etc.

Accounts Voucher Class Creation in Tally

Accounts Voucher Class may be specified for any Accounts Voucher Type.

Select Accounts Info > Voucher Type and select the Voucher Type from the list for which you like to create a Voucher Class. Enter the details of Voucher Type (F-1A).

At Name of Class enter the unique Voucher Class Name (F-1A) to get Ledger Account set up screen for the Voucher Class (F-1B).

Voucher Class Creation

In Payment, Receipt & Contra Voucher Class, set rules for Cash Bank Accounts Groups (in upper part) and at Lower part, you may specify the Cash / Bank Ledger (F-2A)

Voucher Class Accounts set up

You may pre set Ledger Groups & Ledger accounts in Voucher class, to auto populate, as per rules, during Voucher Entry using the Voucher class.

To set up Ledger Accounts for the Voucher class, after entry of Voucher Class name, you get the Ledger Account set up screen. Now specify the Account Groups / Ledger Accounts, as follows:.

Account Groups : On the Upper 2 parts, you specify the Account Groups to be Excluded / Included. You may select Multiple Groups in each section. Select End of List to terminate selection of Groups.

  • Excluded Groups  : At the Upper Left Part, you specify the Cash / Bank Account Groups that you like to exclude in the Voucher Class. For example, if you want to create a Voucher Class for Cash Payments, you may specify the Bank Account Groups like Bank , Bank OOC etc.
  • Included  Groups  : Having specified the Excluded Group, you may, if needed,  include group some specific Group (among the sub groups of the Excluded Group).

Account Ledger : In the lower part, you may optionally specify the Ledger Account to be Included. Otherwise, select  Not Applicable

  • Selected Ledger Account : The selected  Ledger Accounts  would  be auto selected  (carried) at the Header Account
  • No Ledger Account Selected : When you set Not Applicable  at Ledger Account, during voucher entry,  at the header, you get the ledger accounts as per the Excluded / Included Groups (Ledger Accounts under Excluded Groups are not available for selection, but ledger accounts under the Included Groups are available.

Group / Ledger set up in Voucher Class

Groups / Ledger Inclusion / Exclusion Set Up

Accounts Group / Ledfger Set Up in Voucher Class

Specific Ledger Set Up in Voucher Class

General Rules of Ledger Inclusion / Exclusion

The Ledger Exclusion / Inclusion in voucher class are explained above. The essence of General Rules of Exclusion / Inclusion in voucher class are described  below:

  • To select a Cash Bank / Ledger Account during Voucher Entry, specify the Exclude / Include groups at Upper portion, but do not specify any ledger account at lower portion. The ledgers as per Rules set at the upper portion will be available for selection at Header during voucher entry. Now select the desired ledger from the list.
  • To set a specific Cash / Bank Ledger, do not select any Group at Exclude or Include at the upper part. Just select the Ledger at the Lower Part.

Voucher Entry using Voucher Class

Voucher Class is just a special way of quick and correct entry in the voucher. The Voucher data is stored in the same way, and the Reports created are same whether you create a voucher through normal Voucher Type or through a Voucher Class. It does not make any difference in ultimate results or accounting process.

Multiple Voucher Class: For a Voucher type, you may specify multiple voucher classes, at Name of Class.  The properties specified for the Voucher Type (including  advanced options of Automatic Voucher Numbering ) would apply to all the specified Voucher Class.

So, a Voucher Class is a subset of the defining Voucher Type. For example, you may create 2 kinds of Voucher Class (Counter Sale 1 & Counter Sale 2) of Sales Voucher Type and specify different Cash Accounts (Cash A/c Counter -1) and Cash A/c Counter -2) under Cash Account Group, so that you can get separate reports of Cash Sales for the two Counters and separate Cash balances for the respective Counter.

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